10 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry

If you are always feeling very hungry, it may be for reasons other than not eating enough.

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People often confuse hunger with thirst. FILE PHOTO

Why am I always hungry?

Being hungry at all times can make it difficult to focus on the most important things, such as concentrating on meetings, completing projects, or studying for a test. 

  • Let’s look at the top 10 reasons you can always be indescribably hungry.
  • You may feel hungry when you are dehydrated for some reason.
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If you are always feeling very hungry, it may be for reasons other than not eating enough. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons you can always be indescribably hungry.

#1. Add a little protein

If you are not somewhere, if you are going to starve, there can be no protein deficiency. However, eating a diet low in protein can make you hungry. Carbohydrates and fats are easily digested, but no proteins. 

So, if you are not satisfied with that croissant you had for breakfast, adding an egg or yoghurt to your breakfast routine will help you feel fuller for a longer period.

#2. Excess sugar

When you eat something filled with sugar and nothing but sugar, your body absorbs that sugar and then nothing is left. Replace the cookie or candy with a slice of fruit. The fibre and water in the fruit will fill you up more.

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#3. A new workout routine

If you have recently raised your activity level, first of all, congratulations! Now, your body needs to replenish its glucose (sugar) supply to function properly. 

Remember the biology class you learned about “Mitochondria: The Power of the Cell”? Well, this special cell organ takes in sugar and converts it into energy. Be sure to always refuel the exercise perfectly. 

Choose nutritious and sugar-dense options such as fruit, juices and smoothies. No matter what you do, don’t leave yourself hungry! This can lead to overeating or prolonged muscle loss.

#4. Insomnia

To compensate for insomnia, your body increases food intake. This is because sleep and hunger are closely linked within the endocrine system (a body system that regulates hormones). There is some truth in sleeping food, above all.

#5. Low-fat diets

Fat is not the worst f-word you should avoid. Your cell membranes and nerve cells are all surrounded by fat. It is a macromolecule formed to keep us warm and act as energy reserves during difficult times. 

When you reduce the amount of fat you eat, your body assumes that you need to start storing energy, so your brain activates appetite. A well-balanced diet contains enough proteins and fats that will help you satiate and keep yourself for a few hours.

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#6. Mental stress

If you eat when you are under stress, eventually, your body is forced to look for food whenever stressful situations arise. This makes evolutionary sense because stress usually refers to famine, in that day. 

Our brains do not understand the difference between “no rain in a week, crops are dying” and “my boss is crazy, he has amassed 10 projects for me”. Instead of reaching for food for comfort, try going out for a walk or taking a 15-minute short break to listen to music.

#7. Dehydration

You may feel hungry when you are dehydrated for some reason. One, water fills you up by taking up space in your gastrointestinal tract and helping to maintain blood pressure. Second, people often confuse hunger with thirst. 

Finally, you will like juicy foods like watermelon, apple, orange and other fruits. Before reaching for a snack, try drinking a little water first.

#8. The party is so hard

When you overuse alcohol, your body needs to repair the damage done by ethanol. Between hangover and high liver enzymes, your body will need more protein and more energy, so you will eat more. 

Anyone who has ever had a hangover knows that the craving for greasy, fatty foods is overwhelming. Take it easy on the parting and your appetite will die even a little.

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#9. Many sugary drinks

Soft drinks and other sugary drinks go through your system quickly. Once all of that sugar is absorbed, you will be hungry again. Unfortunately, since these drinks have a high-calorie content, eating more will increase your daily calorie intake. 

This leads to weight gain. Replace soda or juice with unsweetened, decaffeinated tea or flavoured water.

#10. Thyroid problems or other medical conditions

Sometimes, your uncontrollable appetite has nothing to do with the choice of energy or lifestyle. Hormones drive our stimuli and appetites. 

If you have an undiagnosed thyroid condition, it can make your metabolism a little worse. This includes things like speeding up and being very hungry all the time. 

If you think this is the reason for being hungry always, consult a medical professional.

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