Opinion: All Lives Will Not Matter Until We Recognize That Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has evolved symmetrically over the past seven years, with the rise of a technology that has been able to capture and share the enormous violence against black communities in the United States.

Black Lives Matter in united states
Opinion: All lives will not Matter until we recognize that Black Lives Matter. FILE PHOTO

All lives will not Matter until we recognize that Black Lives Matter: Imagine that you live in a neighbourhood full of beautiful houses and honest people. Like any homeowner, you need to go to your residence from time to time, repairing the plumbing malfunction, occasional roof damage, and falling off a branch at one time and losing power for a few hours. Course parallel to owning a home.

But having a home near you is especially unfortunate. It sits in the corner of the block, where it intersects with Main Street, so it suffers from traffic sounds all the time. 

The house itself was built by a bad contractor, so plumbing always brings homeowner problems and basement flooding every year. 

But worst of all, the house seems to be sitting in the shade of an enormous, ugly tree, but no matter how many times you call the city to get rid of it, it still stands there, dark and thorny, a lot like a haunted house, an extraordinary wound on the face of your beautiful neighbourhood.

One night when you’re in bed, you start screaming from the outside. You pop your head out the window, and you can even see the wood-burning through the many doors, and with that, the house in the corner ignites the smoke. 

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“Help!” Your neighbour calls from the street. “My house is on fire! Send someone help! “In your bathroom, you can go down the stairs and see your front lawn, and realize that it’s worse than what you saw on the terrace. If something is not done quickly, your neighbour will lose their entire home. Your neighbour says to you, “Help me! My house is going to be destroyed! “

You look at your own home, and then turn to your neighbour and answer, “All houses are important.”

Instant fire

The metaphor is over, I promise. So what’s the use? Over the years, “Black Lives Matter” announcements in the US have inevitably met with the denunciation of “all lives are important.” This answer, long ago used by leaders on the political left, is to express compassion for black communities, not to discredit the struggles faced by other communities.

Some who insist that “all lives are important” feel that if racial equality is the goal, then the priority should not be given to any particular group. We must ensure the value of all life, regardless of race.

But it loses identity altogether.

In the analogy above, your own home has met its fair share, and you had to invest considerable time and money to maintain it. Still, the house in the corner is bad. You stare at the ugly vines of the dead tree every day and wish it would disappear, but do nothing but look at it.

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But when it becomes clear that the closest danger is not to attack your home when the house rises in flames, it is time to dig into the corner, dig your heels, and insist that your home is important. It is time to face the most serious threat to your entire block.

It is time to secure the house in the corner.

A specific answer

The Black Lives Matter movement has evolved symmetrically over the past seven years, with the rise of cellphone cameras, a technology that has been able to capture and share the enormous violence against black communities in the United States, by some police and vigilantes.

Every time a video goes viral, the world faces another reminder that when a black person is brutally murdered or killed.

Frequent, videotaped death in the United States should bother us all. But video evidence proves to us that black communities face an epidemic that no other community has, which is reinforced by a system that has completely ignored the value of black lives for centuries. 

While we can acknowledge that the United States has moved beyond the obvious injustices of slavery and state-sanctioned segregation, the video shows that our system still has a way to go, and it allows even more injustice.

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Instant fire, then, did not overwhelm the entire set. This is especially the case with black lives, and it has been around for a very long time. If the problem is specific, our answer must be specific. 

Even if you believe the solution is to remedy the education system, the health system, the partisan banks, the social reform, the criminal justice system or law enforcement, we cannot make a meaningful, long-lasting, systematic change until we assert the rights of black people to live. 

At large, recognize that the folks who built this country are worth their life.

None of this is to say that anyone else’s life is any less. On the contrary, we do not need to give up our freedom to extend freedom to others. 

A society in which all people can enjoy the same freedom of security benefits all. But until the fire in the corner is extinguished, that Black Lives Matter is confirmed once and for all, we will never find a way to truly value every life.

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