The 5 Best American Pizza Chains Ranked

American pizza chains make billions of dollars each year, feeding countless happy mouths. Here is a list of the best American style pizzas.

best american pizza chains
Here is a list of the best American style pizzas. FILE PHOTO

Here is a list of the best American pizza chains: In Italy, pizza is not usually cheese. Instead, authentic Italian pizza focuses on tomato and tomato-based sauce.

But in the US, we love our cheese! From New York to Chicago, Cheesy American-style pizza has become its national dish.

Of course, many Americans are familiar with pizza coming from a national chain. Although their products are not collected in Italy, American pizza chains make billions of dollars each year, feeding countless happy mouths.

Here is a list of the best American style pizzas. Which is your favourite?


Domino’s Pizza accelerated during the Coronavirus epidemic and hired more people to deliver pizza to those trapped inside. With more owners in the United States, you can always trust that a domino is somewhere nearby. What makes this pizza a best seller?

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Maybe it’s the smell of soft dough and mouth-watering cheese that always pops out of the box. Or maybe all of the childhood memories that come back when you see the iconic red and blue symbol.

Pizza Hut

Cooking dinner doesn’t seem worth the effort, and many families turn to Pizza Hut for an easy fix. Breadcrumbs are a popular accessory that can be as popular as pizza. These perfect-watering sticks are so delicious, the reaction to the recipe has become a popular challenge among YouTubers.

Still, nothing can change the experience of stepping into a pizza hut and being bombarded with the aromas of wings, garlic and cheesy pizza.

Little Caesars Pizza

Don’t want to pay the prices of Pizza Hut and Domino’s? Then go to Little Caesars. Their pizzas are great if you want to save a few bucks and the taste is not too different. Of course, if you are an American pizza associate, you disagree.

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But for the untrained palate, Little Caesars is the best-discounted alternative to fast, cheesy food.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is synonymous with football Sunday and banana peppers. Although the founder of the company, John Schnatter, has been out of the news for his controversial comments, there is no controversy as to whether their pizza is delicious. You will have some complaints about the flavour or texture of their pie, which is built on the concept of “the best ingredients, the best pizza”.

If you ask for extra peppers, Papa John will always throw them away, no questions asked.


If you are a frequent traveller with no milk problems, you may be familiar with Sbarro. We wouldn’t be surprised if most of your travel meals include Sbarro pizza. This chain restaurant aims to sell New York-style pizza across the United States.

Their website teaches people how to eat single slices on the go – you fold it! No napkins, no forks, no knives, no problem! Sbarro is perfect for those who are always on the go.

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Which is your favourite American pizza chains?


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