5 Anti-Aging Secrets for a Younger-Looking Skin

Anti-aging secrets you didn’t know from Women around the world (that actually work).

Anti aging secrets from around the world
Anti aging secrets from around the world. FILE PHOTO

A brief glimpse into the anti-aging secrets of women around the world provides an interesting insight into the different products and methods used to protect the skin. It is amazing to see that the basic practices and priorities around the world are the same; however, changes are coming from the various products available in their system.

Women and men have been practising peeling, moisturizing and protecting the skin from exposure to the sun for thousands of years.


In France, skincare starts very early. Children are taught the importance of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting themselves from the sun, and this is second nature to them. When the habits begin early, they will be carried with them for the rest of their lives and will give them radiant skin in their senior years.

Because the French prefer natural looks, they do not use any cosmetic products that damage the skin.

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Indians have plenty of spices that have been put to good use in making wonderful foods, but they also have their anti-aging secrets or medicines. They are incorporated into various recipes of scrubs and tonics to treat and prevent a wide variety of skin problems.

Ground pepper and yoghurt to remove blackheads, honey and cinnamon for pimples, fresh ginger to reduce dark spots and a variety of yellow masks to help protect the skin.

Coconut oil is one of the most important moisturizers due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


Ancient Egyptian skincare practices were covered in magic, chants and prayers; however, they also had practical solutions. When thinking of Egyptian beauty, one often comes to mind is Cleopatra and her milk bath, because bathing is an important part of their beauty regime.

They covered their bodies with various oils and rubbed them to keep the skin smooth. They combined the aroma in the oil and formed the first civilization to think about using deodorant. The dense black makeup they wore around their eyes was derived from Galina and was worn for beauty and the glare of the sun. Its anti-bacterial properties also protected their eyes from disease.

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Skincare was important to the ancient Egyptians and continues today. Many of the early materials and concepts are still in use. Goat Milk is a cleanser that softens the skin without removing the natural oils. Their secret to wrinkled skin is to massage with almond oil and a few drops of perfume oil.

In Brazil

With Brazilian beauties getting the attention of the world these days, the big question is what are their anti-aging secrets?. Wondering if this is sand and cocoa butter? It has been a long-standing tradition for Brazilian women to use fine sand to exfoliate the skin and use cocoa butter as a moisturizer.

Cocoa butter makes an excellent moisturizer because it is rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants help to slow down the aging process.


Japanese skincare methods have, for centuries, relied on green tea, rice bran and camellia oil. Green tea daily drinks the body with antioxidants, and massaging with Camellia oil will keep the skin moist and supple during the long, dry winter months.

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The combination of rice bran and red bean meal makes a face cleansing powder that removes dead skin cells and promotes blood flow – two things that are necessary to slow down the skin’s re-process.

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