Apple Introduces Shazamkit, a New Tool for Audio Recognition

Apple Inc., a multinational technology company, announced this week the launch of ShazamKit – an audio recognition tool for third parties.

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This week Apple Inc. released ShazamKit – a new audio recognition tool for third-party developers. PHOTO via @Tech Times

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA — Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company has launched ShazamKit – a new audio recognition tool available to developers.

Now, developers can utilize Shazam’s capabilities for audio recognition in their apps by utilizing ShazamKit.

Apple announced the tool’s release on the final day of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.
With Shazam’s API tool, developers will be able to connect their apps to Shazam’s music recognition software and create more engaging audio experiences.

It supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Android, making it one of the first Android APIs Apple has introduced to the platform.

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Apple says that you can “match music to Shazam’s vast catalogue of music or you can build a catalogue of your own using audio from video and podcasts in order to recognise any pre-recorded audio.”

“Match music to Shazam’s millions of tracks or make prerecorded audio easily recognisable by creating your own custom catalogue with audio from videos, podcasts, and more,” Apple says.

For a sound recording to be matched, ShazamKit uses the unique audio signature stored in a catalogue. It is possible to use Shazam to recognize other sounds, such as podcasts and movies, in addition to music.

This tool could also be useful for audio streaming services, startups, and music companies. For example, an education app could be linked to a video to indicate when it’s time to move on to another activity.

Shazam, which was launched in 2002, lets users discover, interact with and share video or audio content by capturing short clips of music, movies, ads, and TV shows.

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Apple acquired Shazam for $400 million in 2018.

In total, over 1.5 billion people have downloaded the app, and 25 million shazam’s are sent each day.

The Shazam app is used by 200 million people every month to discover new music, making it possible for Shazam to predict music trends earlier than most other apps that offer similar functionality.

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