Why Is the COVID-19 Crisis so Prevalent in the US?

COVID-19 crisis in US hits hard
Why is the COVID-19 crisis so prevalent in the US? PHOTO/Shutterstock

Here are four reasons why the US is particularly vulnerable to such a devastating COVID-19 crisis.

It is clear that the COVID-19 crisis has caused serious economic and health damage to the US.

So far, the US has seen 1.4 million infections, 85,843 deaths, 33.6 million unemployment claims and the April unemployment rate of 14.7 per cent, the worst rate since the Great Recession.

Here are four reasons why the US is particularly vulnerable to such a devastating COVID-19 crisis.

1. Lack of early COVID-19 test

The United States has failed to test a large number of people at the onset of the crisis when any epidemic is better managed.

As of March 11, the UK had done just 23 tests per million, compared to 347 per million, Italy 826 per million, and South Korea 3,692 per million. Notably, South Korea’s death rate on May 15 was 1 in 198,597, which is 1 in 3,802 in the US.

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Due to the lack of early testing, the number of infections in the United States was initially relatively low. As a result, some leaders have not taken the crisis seriously.

On February 24, US President Donald Trump tweeted, “The coronavirus is highly regulated in the United States. We are all involved with all the countries involved. CDC & World Health are working hard. The stock market is starting to look pretty good to me! “

2. Lack of universal health insurance

While the United States spends more on personal health than other developed countries, the United States is unique in providing universal health care.

Conclusion: People who are ill will avoid going to the doctor for the first sign of the disease, which, in the case of an epidemic, can make infections more severe and spread to a wider population.

3. Lack of financial stability among the working class

The United States has the highest wages, compared to most of the world. It has an even larger, wealthier class balanced against the poor and working class. The country’s high cost of living increases this income inequality.

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A 2018 Federal Reserve survey found that 40 per cent of Americans struggle to pay for a $400 dollar emergency. When a crisis occurs, more than half of the American population does not have the financial flexibility to deal with it.

4. Lack of direct government pays support

Germany recorded an April unemployment rate of 5.8 per cent, much lower than the US rate of 14.7 per cent. One reason for the difference is that Germany, along with many other European countries, pays a significant portion of labour wages to keep private sector pay.

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