COVID-19: Museveni commends People Power for donating relief items

COVID-19: President Museveni commends People Power for donating relief items, warns landlords against threatening tenants over non-payment

Museveni People Power on COVID-19
Museveni commends Bobi Wine’s People Power in the fight against COVID-19. Photo/Bobi Wine

On Wednesday 8 April 2020, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressed the nation on the COVID-19 condition where he applauded People Power.

The President thanked the People Power Movements, among other organizations and businesses, in its statement for their response to the Government’s call to donate food to the needy community in Uganda.

“Thank you very much People’s Power. Now you see you are joining the people,”

Museveni said.

He added that all the other individuals, organisations, and companies involved in this move should be published in newspapers.

People Power supported the Ministry of Health with relief items, such as soap, posho and salt, from their headquarters in Kamwokya.

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Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power Movement, who is also the lawmaker for Kyadondo East, says he wanted to join this movement to help the needy.

“As People Power, we have been receiving numerous calls from across the country on how we can give help because the lockdown has affected many people. We could not give immediate help to these people given our little resources, but we have decided to take advantage of the national task force.”

President Museveni then warned landlords who threaten tenants with eviction notices regarding rental payments in this time of a global pandemic coronavirus.

The president ordered security to arrest any landlord who tried to dispose of a tenant for non-payment. After the pandemic stops, landlords and tenants will agree to fix their issues as the global economy will not end today.

The remarks of the President follow public uproar complaining of the landlords who give them letters asking for rental payments but at home, they do not work.

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The President earlier issued public transport bans, followed by private transport, allowing trucks and cargo planes to move.

In his ninth address on 8 April 2020, on the state of coronavirus in the country, the president said that some people were driving pickups without any freight.

He said this should stop because they use the situation to move around unnecessarily. Only critical services such as health, medical and food- will move in this new measure.

Museveni People Power on COVID-19
Museveni commends Bobi Wine’s People Power in the fight against COVID-19. Photo/Bobi Wine

Museveni bans public jogging

President Museveni has also instructed boda bodas to stop their duty at just 2 pm, including prohibiting public jogging on Kampala streets and exercise for 14 days, as the virus will expose people.

He asked those who did it to stop and practice in the compounds and rooms, he promised to produce a video on how to practice in your room.

“Now we’ve got a category, the one who goes to exercise in public image, the other day I saw a video on northern bypass huge mass of people, they were there just walking running, that they are exercising. If you want to exercise, you can exercise in your house, I don’t have enough room I would show you how to exercise indoors, but tomorrow I will make a video for you in one of my rooms and I show you how you can exercise indoors, that’s how I survive, because I normally come back late at 11 O’clock, I find normally when Mama Janet has already slept, but somehow I run in the room, you can run in your room you make 20 raps, you do your push-ups, you exercise,” Museveni said.

Museveni on jogging

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