6 Ways to Prepare your Place for a COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

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How to prepare your place for Self-Quarantine. Photo/Shutterstock

Asked to do a COVID-19 Self-Quarantine, here are the 6 things you need to know to prepare yourself.

If you are asked to do a COVID-19 Self-Quarantine, here are some things you need to know to prepare yourself. First of all, the reason for being asked to do this is because you have been exposed to the virus.

You may feel healthy now, but there’s a good chance you will get sick within the next 2-14 days. Isolation means you need to monitor your symptoms and receive daily calls from your state’s health department.

This is no laughing matter, and if you violate the rules of self-isolation, you may be in a lot of trouble.

#1. Food

If you live by yourself, takeaways are a great way to get the food. Let the delivery person know they may be on the door, so you don’t put them at risk.

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If there is no takeout option, ask a neighbour or friend to stock for you. Send them money safely via mobile money. If you are with family members, make sure you are eating alone, not sharing food, utensils or glasses.

#2. Water

If you live alone and can drink tap water in your home, you’re all set unlike in Africa where water needs to be boiled before taking.

This is not the time for you to have access to any kind of water, such as bottled, colourful, and flavoured.

If you live somewhere where you can’t drink tap water, the water service on your doorstep may be your best (and only) option.

#3. Pets

Since you are not allowed to go outside to walk your dog, you may need some help. Unfortunately, non-essential visitors such as dog-walkers are not allowed into your space.

The best way is to leave your dog with a neighbour or friend or family member. The World Health Organization recommends that dogs can test positive for COVID-19 so people in Self-Quarantine should stay away from their animals.

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#4. Other family members (if applicable)

If you live with others, you need to self-quarantine yourself from them. Do not share household items with them, mask your coughs and sneeze, mask, and disinfect high-traffic areas and surfaces.

These include door chambers, countertops and sink/toilet handles.

#5. Going to the hospital

If you are sick and need to go to the hospital, you should call ahead. Let your doctor or local ER know that you are coming to help them prepare for your visit.

When you go out, do not take public transport. Take a facemask and a private car. Again, let your driver know that you are sick so that he or she can take the necessary precautions.

#6. Laundry

It’s time to wash your bed sheets and clothes if you have a washer and dryer at home. Especially if it is contaminated with mucus, blood or stools.

If you live in a city like New York City where there are washer/dryer units, you may need a plan. The safest way is to make sure you have enough clothes for 2 weeks of isolation.

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The underwear is easily hand washed and dried.

The CDC and World Health Organization have no recommendations on what to do with your clothes and dirty laundry after your 14-day isolation.

To learn more, call your local health department to ask them if it’s safe to send your laundry.

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