How to Eliminate Systematic Racism Through Donations to These Organizations

If you have the resources to contribute, consider one of the following organizations to eliminate systematic racism and bring about justice for all people.

Donate to eliminate systematic racism
How to Donate to the Cause of Racial Justice. FILE PHOTO

Donate to eliminate systematic racism and bring about justice: While national protests seeking to end racial injustice have begun to thin out across the country, the struggle for a more fair system has begun. 

If you have been fascinated over the past couple of weeks by looking at the diverse intersections of Americans seeking to end proper racism, you may be wondering what the best way to help the movement is.

The short answer: Vote in every election.

But if you have the resources to contribute, consider one of the following organizations to eliminate systematic racism and bring about justice for all people.

Victim Memorial funds

The following funds have been set up to benefit the families of victims of racist violence.

Social restructuring

Black businesses have been hit hard by areas where mass protests have led to property damage and the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The following companies are helping black businesses recover from this difficult year.

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Police and Prison Reform

Broken and racist organizations within the US police departments have been a central issue of the current civil movement, but law enforcement is one aspect of a larger criminal justice system that disproportionately punishes people of colour. 

Consider the following groups pushing for reform police and imprisonment.

Bail funds

Excess bail is often used to detain persons awaiting trial or immigration hearings. While those who can afford bail can be paid to await trial from their homes, those without resources are forced to wait for their day in prison. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Consider donating to one of the following national or local groups to help those who cannot bail.

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Legal Defense

The legal process is expensive and difficult to manage, especially for those from vulnerable communities. The following groups provide support to the complex systems of the courts and provide legal assistance to those in need.

Policy reform

Public demonstrations are important to clarify political priorities. But the objectives of such demonstrations can only be achieved through genuine policy. The following groups work to advance the principle of equal justice under the law.

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Of course, the policy will not change unless policymakers are held accountable. If you are convinced of the issues raised by the recent demonstrations, it is important to vote in every election, national, state, or local.

The following groups are working to expand free access to polls and to promote social justice-minded candidates.


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