The 5 Biggest Health Risks When Working From Home

Let’s look at some of the risks when working from home and how to deal with them.

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Let’s look at some of the very real risks when working from home, as well as how to deal with them. PHOTO via @Forbes

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — In this blog post, we discuss how to handle the risks of working from home.

  • In this blog, we discuss the risks of working from home in detail.
  • Since you are at home, you can try some yoga positions even a few minutes before starting work.
  • Long-distance workers often suffer from loneliness and depression as a result.
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Who doesn’t dream of working from home? There is no travel, you can go out in your jammies all day, and the kitchen is right there for a cosy snack. 

Due to the coronavirus infection, that dream has come true for many. However, everyone is now learning that even a kick at home can come with some health risks

The idea of working from home is quite attractive, with the potential for significant cost savings. However, it also comes with significant risks. Let’s look at some of those risks and how to deal with them.

#1. Burning and overwork

With no train to catch, it is easy to work well until the evening. This can lead to burnout within several weeks, particularly if you do something creative like writing or graphics.

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This can lead to burnout within several weeks, particularly if you do something creative like writing or graphics.

Eventually, you use creative juices, sitting in front of the TV for a few days to recover. Create a schedule that includes combating burns and stopping work at a specific time each day. 

Don’t talk about “one more project” already at 9 pm.

#2. Excessive diet and weight gain

One big thing about the kitchen is perfect is that the kitchen is right there. It’s easy to take a snack or some lunch break throughout the day. 

After all, it’s like no one is testing you to see if you’ve stopped eating. Over time, you may find yourself packing over pounds as a mindless diet coupled with a lack of exercise. 

Consider planning meal and snack times. Try to buy more healthy snacks. It is best to keep raw carrots and celery around instead of M&Ms and potato chips.

#3. Back and neck pain

Bad posture? Are you looking at your computer or phone constantly? If your neck and back still don’t hurt, it’s a matter of time. 

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This is because, when laptops are small and efficient, they force you to move forward throughout the day or you have to keep your hands in a very high position.

Give your muscles more space every hour by getting up and walking around. Since you are at home, you can try some yoga positions even a few minutes before starting work.

#4. Loneliness

Some introverts are blessed and relieved by all the human interactions in the office to working from home. But most of the people don’t. 

Loneliness is a serious problem for many long-distance workers, and this stress can lead to depression. What’s more, many people think they have human contact by spending time on social media

But it is not one. True human communication is a basic human need. Although it can be difficult to get time for face-to-face contact with others, it is good to reach out to friends at least once a day to chat about something other than work. 

If you’re not sick of video chat, the old-fashioned phone call will do the trick.

#5. Insomnia or irregular sleep

Watching all day on a computer screen exposes you to a high level of blue light. This can disrupt your sleep, throw you away, and cause insomnia

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If you need to work on the computer all day, change all your screens to night mode. This reduces the blue light from your monitor and puts less pressure on your eyes. 

An hour before bed, turn off all electronic devices and start “powering down”. This will give your brain a start on the whole “sleep” thing.

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