Homosexuality in Uganda: President Museveni warns gay rights advocate

Museveni warns western powers against pushing for gay rights in Uganda, saying homosexuality is not acceptable

Museveni warns Homosexuality in Uganda
Homosexuality in Uganda: President Museveni warns gay rights advocate. Photo/Agency

President Yoweri Museveni has once again given a strong warning to people of Uganda who view homosexuality as an appropriate action in the country.

Museveni, who made the remarks yesterday during a meeting with UNAID Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima at State House Entebbe, said gayism is a Western culture that should not be brought into the country in any way.

Museveni also warned western powers against pushing for gay rights (homosexuality) in Uganda and Africa at large.

We have advised our Western partners, not to provoke the big majority by fronting homosexuality as something that is appreciated, demanding for the change of the law but now, some groups in the world want us to advertise and acclaim homosexuality as an alternative way of life

Museveni stated

This is not the first time that President Museveni of Uganda has argued about homosexuality as a common sin among Westerners. His opposition recently resulted in Parliament’s introduction of a bill banning the act.

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Anti-gay bill in Uganda

Museveni signed the anti-gay bill on 24 February 2014, during a live TV event at State House Entebbe, issuing a strong warning to westerners that Uganda as a country was not willing to accept these actions in their region.

Nevertheless, the bill was reversed after the concerns of the European powers against Uganda, including the freezing of any form of aid to the country.

That same year, on February 28, the World Bank suspended a $90-million loan to Uganda citing discrimination as a result of stringent gay laws.

Museveni suggested that homosexuality was championed by the West, who went to school to recruit young children. He also advises Africans (Uganda) to adhere strictly to their standards and values.

It seems the topic of homosexuals was provoked by the arrogant and careless Western groups that are fond of coming into our schools and recruiting young children into homosexuality and lesbianism, just as they carelessly handle other issues concerning Africa.

Museveni said

Are we interested in seeing your sexual acts – we the Public? I am not able to understand the logic of Western Culture. However, we Africans always keep our opinions to ourselves and never seek to impose our point of view on the others. If only they could let us alone

Museveni added

Watch this video as Museveni warns against Homosexuality in Uganda

While, Byanyima urged President Museveni to place a great deal of focus on educating locals how to avert a pandemic, claiming that care is complicated because few people are ignorant of different drugs that can be taken at high risk of infection.

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