How to Dress When You Work From Home

What is the best way to dress when you work from home?

ress when you work from home
What to dress when working from home. FILE PHOTO

Since most Americans work from home, we all adjust to the new professional norms, including the way we dress for work. Although many offices have some kind of dress code, no one can dictate what you wear when sitting on your computer in your own home.

No one but you.

What is the best way to dress when you work from home? Is it as comfortable or dressed as any minute you walk back to the office? Let’s explore the options.

Comfortable and casual

Spending the day in your pyjamas or sweats is tempting. Not only is it convenient, but it also helps to save time on clothes or laundry shirts. 

Also, if you have children or pets at home, wearing a comfortable pair of sweatpants can be a very practical outfit for switching between work and home duties.

There is, however, a psychological hazard to having your pajamas all day. Sitting in the same flannel where you slept the previous night, it can be difficult for some people to become mentally professional. 

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Then, there is the issue of video-conferencing with colleagues. While your colleagues may not expect you to be in a three-piece dress, keeping them clean and presentable is the best practice.

If you want to be comfortable, but don’t want to feel like a total slab, consider a high-rise pair of sweatpants – this is something short and stylish. For a topper, change into a plain t-shirt for a graphic tee, sweater or polo, all with comfortable, but slightly professional options.

The dress for success

Of course, there is always the argument of wearing work attire as a means of feeling like you are in the office. Consciousness is grounded in psychology. Psychologist Kathleen Swoty says, “Being pulled helps you feel pulled. 

Research has found that people are more skilled when it comes to wearing business clothes. “Apart from being ready for work, switching from your nightclubs and professional attire will affect your mood and make you feel more productive and alert while at work.

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However, if you are working from your kitchen desk all day you are unlikely to wear a full office uniform. But there is a middle ground between a casual suit and pyjamas. Think, business is normal.

This dress code is already a standard in offices across many countries as it gives you a proper and relaxed mix. Note that for men, a button-down shirt is tied to a pair of slacks. For women, a silk blouse and matching pants or daytime dress might do the trick. 

When it comes to footwear, if you plan to wear shoes, you should lean on the comfortable side. Even your zoom-conference companions won’t see what’s on your feet.


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