Space Startup Wants Humans To Travel the Atmosphere from a Hydrogen Balloon

The space startup wants humans to travel into the atmosphere from a hydrogen balloon.

travel atmosphere from a hydrogen balloon
The space startup wants humans to travel into the atmosphere. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Humans to travel into the atmosphere from a hydrogen balloon: With the recent launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon to the International Space Station, everyone seems to be talking about commercial space travel.

After all, scooping up a bus to the stars for a stellar holiday is the stuff of science fiction.

Now, a new entrant into the competitive space travel market may be flying in the atmosphere from a hydrogen balloon that allows travellers to see the Earth from a distance of 20 miles. 

An escaping company, called Space Perspective, wants tourists to enjoy space in their watchdog capsule, which reaches a third of the way into space. Although the trip does not take travellers to the stars, they can still see the blackness and the curvature of the earth above.

Get ready to start

Space Vision has already signed an agreement with NASA and hopes to begin its missions from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But the founder says he has only enough funds to launch a single, unmanned test flight in 2021. If the test is successful, he says, the next release won’t be too far behind.

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“With a little more training than a passenger on a commercial jet, we design it for as little training as possible,” said Jane Poynter, co-founder and co-CEO with her husband. Taber McCallum.

Hot tickets

Overcoming gravity is not a cheap ride. Poynter says the tickets for the trip to the Space Perspective Monitor capsule will cost around $ 125,000. But a steep price is necessary to offset the cost of building such a hydrogen balloon

Space Perspective says that it needs a large balloon to fit an entire football field. The capsule, known as Neptune, is 16 feet wide, with nine seats and a lounge.

But this is the bread crumbs compared to rival Virgin Galactic, a space travel company founded by British billionaire Richard Branson. Virgin will charge passengers $250,000 for a brief cruise on a rocket that reaches 50 miles in the atmosphere. No space missions have been launched so far.

Learn more and view the artistic descriptions of the space vision balloon on their website.

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