These 5 International Destinations are Reopening to Tourists

If you have plans to travel, continue reading to see which international destinations are reopening.

international destinations are reopening
These international destinations are reopening to Tourists. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

These 5 international destinations are reopening: Are you dying to travel internationally again? As the coronavirus infection continues to decline, many countries are once again opening their borders to tourists. 

If you have summer plans to travel, you should continue reading to see which international destinations are reopening.


Greece is not very much affected by the coronavirus thanks to the stringent locking measures taken early. It was one of the first countries to announce the reopening. After June 15, Greece will open its doors to travellers again. 

After July 1, you can enter Greece without the COVID-19 test or self-isolation.


Although there is no set date, Turkey is looking to reopen, but only people from Asia. This makes sense because countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have managed to manage the epidemic and keep the cases low. 

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No announcement has been made as to when Americans will be able to go to Turkey.


Aruba is another country that keeps its coronavirus cases low. The Caribbean is set to reopen from mid-June to early July. Upcoming travellers should take their temperature, but will not undergo a COVID-19 test.

The US. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands opened its borders to tourists on June 1. You should go for a health screening but do not need a COVID test. Hotels and restaurants can only operate at 50% capacity, so this may be the perfect time to visit the island without other tourists everywhere.


The border lockdown between the United States and Mexico ends on June 22, but Mexico hopes to start hotels by mid-June. It is hoped that the epidemic is under control to remove this barrier and start touring from July.


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