Joe Biden Makes a Historical Visit to Kenosha Two Days After President Trump

For over an hour the former vice president Biden talked to the family of Jacob Blake and talked to Blake himself on the phone on his visit to Kenosha.

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Joe Biden made his visit to Kenosha. PHOTO via @SkyNews

The former vice president Biden visit Kenosha two days after Trump visited the Wisconsin complex battlefield.

  • In Kenosha, a black man named Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by a white police officer.
  • The former vice president Biden talked to the family of Jacob Blake on his visit to Kenosha.
  • Protesters filled the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin for the second night in a row.

Democrats and Republicans alike considered the Midwestern state essential to winning the White House in 2020. After all, Donald Trump won the 2016 election there, contributing to his tight election college victory over Hillary Clinton.

But this month, Wisconsin has been in the headlines for other reasons. In Kenosha, a black man named Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by a white police officer, resulting in his continued hospitalization.

Following the shooting, protesters filled the streets of the small town. They turned violent at night, leading to the destruction and looting of many businesses.

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Trump visits the wreckage

This week, President Trump visited Kenosha and posed for photo apps outside the ruins caused by the unrest. Although he did not meet the family of Jacob Blake, who was told to ask a lawyer over the phone if they spoke, Trump made use of the occasion in his re-election campaign to rely on the message of law and order.

He said the devastation in Kenosha was a preview of what would happen if his rival, Joe Biden, were elected president. (Do not remember that violence occurred during Trump’s presidency).

Biden follows Trump on a visit to Kenosha

Then, on Thursday, Joe Biden made his visit to Kenosha. But his visit was different from that of the president. For over an hour the former vice president talked to the family of Jacob Blake and talked to Blake himself on the phone.

“He talked about how nothing was going to defeat him,” Biden said of his conversation with Blake. “Whether he walks again or not, he’s not going to give up.”

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He also spoke in front of a small crowd at the Grace Lutheran Church. He talked about his work history on issues of formal racism, slavery legacy and racial justice.

As a white man, he recognized that on an intellectual level he was able to understand formal racism but he would never know how it feels from a black American experience.

But the biggest difference between the two candidates’ visits was the emphasis on Biden’s unity. He quoted Blake’s mother as saying, “I pray for Jacob, but I also pray for the police.” I pray that things will change. ”

Part of Biden’s campaign strategy is to win over reluctant voters by portraying Democrats as democrats capable of helping the country heal. While arguing that Trump is only trying to divide the people.

Biden meeting with teachers

After a while at church, Biden’s convey drove to the suburbs of Wadduwa, where he talked with educators about starting an unusual school year.

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“It’s basically about education, how we deal with the epidemic, what our concerns are,” said Luz Hernandez, a teacher at the Milwaukee Public Schools Organization who met with Biden.

In a conversation between Democrats and other teachers who met with him in the Wauwatosa backyard, Hernandez said, “He was very attentive. He is very concerned about the children in this country and the quality of education they receive. ”

Joe Biden with his wife, Dr Jill Biden, a lifelong educator. Dr Biden is on a statewide “school tour” where he will talk to teachers, parents and students about his academic interests.

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