Khloe Kardashian Begs Family To Be Nice in the episode of ‘KUWTK’


It’s the episode of ‘KUWTK’ we’ve all been waiting for, as the family finds out Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was nine months pregnant. Here’s what went down!

With Khloe Kardashian just days away from giving birth on the Nov. 4 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family learns that Tristan Thompson cheated on her on more than one occasion — and naturally, everyone is devastated. “I’m in shock right now, I don’t even know what to say,” Kendall Jenner rants after learning the news. “What a f***ing idiot. It’s a sick joke.” Kylie Jenner is the one to break the news to Khloe after reading about the scandal online, but it’s Kim Kardashian who calls her sister with the cameras rolling.

Khloe admits she’s desperate to get on a plane back to California to get the hell out of Cleveland, but unfortunately, she has to wait and find out if it’s even safe for her to travel first. Kim urges her to stay calm, but while speaking through tears, it’s obvious that Khloe is distraught. “I can’t be calm right now,” she insists. “I’m trying to figure it out.” Kendall is with Scott Disick at the time the news breaks, and she fills him in about how Khloe kicked Tristan out of the house as she tried to make her plan to come home.

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Still, Khloe wants only positive vibes, and even though she’s upset with Tristan, she doesn’t want him to miss out on their daughter’s birth. “Everyone wants me to make a decision right this second,” she tells Kourtney Kardashian on the phone. “I just want to go and give birth and try to focus on that and enjoy this and enjoy it with him. As crazy as that sounds, I want to enjoy it with him. I don’t want negativity in the delivery room. I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable or me to feel uncomfortable. Let’s just act normal for a minute.”

Kim and Kourtney are livid with Tristan, but they agree to keep things cordial for Khloe’s sake. “She doesn’t want us to start drama at the hospital, so we won’t,” Kim says. Khloe’s BFF, Malika Haqq, urges the sisters to just casually say “hi” to Tristan when they see him, but Kim has bigger plans.

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“I don’t even think ‘Hi,’” say admits. “I think just…*gives dirty look.” Even though Malika is hesitant, she gives her seal of approval. In the end, Kourtney concludes, “I know how important it is for Khloe to have Tristan there and I actually really respect that. But it’s definitely going to be awkward. It’s going to be hard to even look at him or be in the same room as him.”

While the episode aired, Khloe took to Twitter to further explain why she wanted Tristan there, despite his actions. “I wanted to have a beautiful birthing experience for myself and for the memories of what I choose to share with True when she’s older,” she wrote. “I want her to have videos and pictures of her daddy there, holding her etc. I want her to know she is LOVED and my happiness! Babies feel energy! I know this! I chose to put my feelings aside for the birth and have as much positive energy that I could. My only thought was about the birth of my daughter. I wasn’t going to let ANYONE disrupt anything less than what she deserved. Joyous love. I chose to be mature & strong for True. I waited for this day for so many years! I know now, looking back, that I was in shock because I couldn’t believe this would ever happen to me but I’m still very proud of myself for how I handled everything.”

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