Liverpool Is Crowned England Champion After 30 Years

Liverpool is crowned England champion after winning their first Premier League title in 30 years.

Liverpool has won the Premier League title
Liverpool has won the Premier League title. FILE PHOTO

Liverpool claimed their first-ever Premier League Championship in 30 years after being crowned England champion and in record time – with seven games remaining. 

The club’s 19th championship, but the first power of the Premier League era came to an end after Manchester City losing 2-1 to Chelsea on Thursday evening.

Crystal Palace’s decisive defeat on Wednesday put Liverpool within two points of the title. All indications are Liverpool. They pointed to the competition for the Man City League Championship. 

Later, Chelsea came to the aid of the Reds by beating Manchester City. It closed things off for Liverpool earlier than expected.

The team celebrates together, and fans take to the streets

Jurgen Klopp has watched City play at Formby Hall Golf Club with his players since Kenny led the Club to its last championship in 1990.

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For a club and its fans who had previously won 18 titles, the 30-year wait was very painful. That relief and joy were celebrated by thousands of fans on the streets Thursday night.

According to Klopp, he came from Germany to Liverpool four and a half years ago. He has re-populated the club as Europe’s best team.

Liverpool is crowned England champion

Liverpool has won the Premier League title, Champions League, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup in an extraordinary 13 months. They are sure to break many domestic records this season, and many are in Manchester City’s possession.

City (2017-18) and Manchester United (2000-01) have beaten Liverpool’s Premier League by breaking the previous record of five.

They could finish the campaign with a staggering 107 points, setting City a record of 100 set in 2017-18, the most wins in a Premier League season (surpassing City’s 32 from 2017-18 and 2018-19), most home wins and the biggest title win margin.

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Liverpool will be crowned England champion
Liverpool will be crowned England champion. PHOTO/BBC SPORT

A perfect celebration at the right time

Team captain Jordan Henderson and the rest of the Liverpool team will have to wait until late July to lift the Premier League trophy. The club plans to celebrate with supporters when it is deemed safe as blocking mass meetings hinders the parade through Liverpool city centre.

Congratulations to Liverpool FC and all their supporters. Winning the first league at Christmas was an end in itself. However, no one was sure that Liverpool will be crowned England champion for fear of the season being cancelled.

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