How To Make AirBnB Safe During COVID

Take the following steps to reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19.

make airbnb safe in covid-19
Make AirBnB safe in COVID. Photo/Shutterstock

How to make AirBnB safe during COVID-19?

  • Ask your host questions about the location
  • Choose a city that does not have a “hot spot”
  • Stay long and don’t flirt
  • Rent the whole place
  • Explore the place when you get there
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Experts recommend that people do not travel. But if you make the mistake of going down the road and experiencing a change of scenery, there are ways to protect yourself.

Vacation rental or Airbnb rental may seem risky and not safe, but take the following steps to reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19.

Ask your host questions about the location

Getting your host through a third degree may seem rude, but in situations like this, asking about cleaning and previous occupants is acceptable.

Use your host to take a 24-hour break between bookings to completely clean up the space. You should also ask about previous guests. How many people stayed here last week? More guests means more exposure and pollution.

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Choose a city that does not have a “hot spot”

Unfortunately, hotspots are growing all over the United States. If you want to get out, choose a rural location away from meetings and large gatherings.

Your best bet is to find an island or a small town instead of going to a big city. Right now, the Northeastern states are safe areas, but isolate yourself for the next 14 days. Otherwise, you may unknowingly spread the disease to local people.

Stay long and don’t flirt

If you expect to isolate yourself when you return from your trip, you will miss two weeks when you return home. But if you want to spend 14 days in isolation, there is no point in going out of town even for one night.

Make travel worthwhile by prolonging your vacation. Also, if you stay in a new setting for a long time, you will have the opportunity to explore that area and settle into a regular affair.

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Rent the whole place

It may be a bit expensive, but it is much safer to rent an entire apartment or house than to rent a private room. No shared space with strangers, which protects you, the host and other guests.

You also don’t have to worry about wearing a mask when preparing food in the kitchen or making noise in the living room.

Explore the place when you get there

You’ve chatted with the host, booked the whole place, and you’re far away from the hotspot cities.

Now that you’ve arrived, one last thing to do: keep your mask on and thoroughly inspect the area. Focus on frequently touched areas such as countertops, turntables and tablets.

If there is any problem and you think the place is not cleaned properly, contact your host and AirBnb immediately.

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