What to Expect as Nascar Return in Late May

NASCAR officially announced the return of Darlington Raceway on May 17 with a Cup Series race.

Nascar Return in Late May
Nascar Returns in Late May. PHOTO/Shutterstock

While UFC won the race to be the first game to return amid the COVID-19 epidemic, NASCAR is not far behind. NASCAR officially announced the return of Darlington Raceway (South Carolina) on May 17 with a Cup Series race.

The event was the first of three NASCAR races in an eleven-day period. These seven events and all future events will take place without fans.

The first three races of the series will be held in Darlington and the next four races in Charlotte, North Carolina. Darlington and Charlotte were chosen to return to NASCAR because they are close to the home base of the racing teams.

While these are the only races NASCAR has confirmed, reports say they have a tentative schedule to run in mid-June.

Outside of the lack of fans, NASCAR’s return does not come without some changes from the rules. Health screening is a necessity for all who enter that path, and team members must use protective equipment.

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It will be interesting to learn how to follow a 6-foot social distance with crews working closely with each other during pit stops. Another change is that the races will be one-day events.

Without any qualifying runs to determine the starting position. They will be judged based on the position of the points, which will inevitably put the racers under the table, which will be a unique disadvantage.

NASCAR has said it intends to host all 36 Cup Series races by 2020. Start your engines ladies and gentlemen, we have more sporting hobbies in a few weeks!

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