New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy Lifts Stay at Home Ban

On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy announced that the state would stop stay at home order.

new jersey governor bill murphy
New Jersey lifts stay at Home Ban. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

New Jersey lifts stay at Home Ban: In all 50 states, New Jersey experienced the second-worst COVID-19 outbreak with 1,855 infections and 139 deaths per 100,000. These results are slightly better than New York’s, which suffered the worst outbreak. 

New Jersey’s high population density and proximity to New York City contributed to the high infection rate. 

However, since May 25, New Jersey has seen a significant decline in COVID-19-related hospitalizations. 

On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy announced that the state would stop stay at home order and allow larger meetings. New Jersey was one of the last states to lift its restrictions.

Late April saw the peak of New Jersey’s COVID-19 crisis. Throughout May, the number of infections and deaths has dropped significantly. The confirmation of the numbers was seen in early June, with June 3 seeing 110 deaths, more than the deadliest days in May. 

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However, 110 deaths on June 3 were far lower than the 458 deaths recorded on April 30.

“As our businesses reopen, we no longer have to stay home, but we continue to ask you to be responsible and safe,” Gov. Murphy told a press conference. 

He also announced that 25% of a building’s capacity, or a total of 50 people, would sign an executive order allowing indoor meetings. 

Outdoor meetings, excluding religious services or political gatherings, can be raised from 25 to 100 people, resulting in large crowds. Murphy retains the social distance requirement to stand 6 feet apart and use facial envelopes while in a group.

The ponds will be allowed to reopen on June 15, followed by entertainment and recreation businesses on June 22.


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