Novak Djokovic in Self-Isolation After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Novak Djokovic announced Tuesday that he and his wife, Jelena, tested positive for the coronavirus.

novak djokovic tested positive for coronavirus
Novak Djokovic and his wife, Jelena, tested positive for the coronavirus. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic announced Tuesday that he and his wife, Jelena, tested positive for the coronavirus. He recently organized a series of exhibition tournaments in Serbia and Croatia and is the fourth player to test the positive.

“Unfortunately, this virus is still there. It’s a new reality. We are still learning to cope and live. I hope things will get easier over time, so we can all resume life,” Djokovic said in the statement. “I am very sorry for every personal infection.

Djokovic’s stance on the COVID-19 virus has been vehemently contentious since the beginning. For example, in April he said he did not want to get a vaccine to compete. 

The U.S. Open is scheduled to launch in August with and without a small player entourage. Djokovic has expressed doubts about whether he will participate if given the restrictions.

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Faced with these potential changes in the game, Djokovic began the Adria tour, which attracted criticism for his lack of social distance and discipline. A viral video showed Djokovic and other players exiting.

Croatia’s final match was cancelled on Sunday after Grigor Dimitrov revealed he had tested positive. Djokovic initially refused to check because he did not feel any symptoms. 

However, he was tested on Monday and it was positive. He said he was sick and would now be 14 days of self-isolation with his wife.

The Adria Tour

The Adria Tour is an exhibition tennis tournament organized by Novak Djokovic when the ATP Tour was terminated by a planned COVID-19 epidemic in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unlike the simultaneous Ultimate Tennis Show, the event has been heavily criticized for its lack of social distance practices and permitting the entire crowd.

The planned Montenegrin leg was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. During the Croatian leg, one of the marquee players, Grigor Dimitrov, announced that he had tested positive for the virus, leading to the cancellation of the event.

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Dimitrov’s last opponent, Borna Ćorić, tested positive the next day. Victor Trocki and Novak Djokovic also tested positive for coronavirus over the next two days.


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