Who Will Be Philadelphia 76ers Coach after Brett? Ty Lue, Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson or Jay Wright

Ty Lue, Jason Kidd, ESPN Mark Jackson and Jay Wright’s name has been released as potential targets to replace Brett Brown as new Philadelphia 76ers coach.

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After the Boston Celtics’ 4-0 series win, the Philadelphia 76ers parted ways with coach Brett BrownBrown served as head coach for 76ers and seven years. 

  • Brown did good work with the 76ers initially to help foster young talent in All-Star skills. 
  • Philadelphia 76ers have already reached two potential targets to fill coach Brett’s sneakers.
  • Ty Lue has been identified as the leading man in the 76ers head coaching job.
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The magic was believing in this process and now the system seems to be starting something new, it starts by changing the guard. General Manager Elton Brand is expected to make further pre-office changes to this office.

Initially, Brown did a good job with the 76ers and helped to build young talent in All-Star. Please remember Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

After overseeing a restructuring when first hired, Brown has had strong teams for the past three years. But his failure to pass the Eastern Conference with strong lists was ultimately his demise.

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Elton Brand’s Report on Brett Brown

“Personally and professionally I have great respect for coach Brett, and I appreciate everything he has done for the 76ers organization and the city of Philadelphia. We have reduced our goals for the year and I believe it is better to go in a new direction. It will be an important season for us as we return to our goal of competing for an NBA Championship. ”

A potential replacement for Brett at 76ers

Initial reports suggest that Philadelphia 76ers have already reached two potential targets to fill coach Brett Brown’s sneakers. Ty Lue has emerged as the leading man for the 76ers head coaching job. Ty Lue has been identified as the leading man in the 76ers head coaching job.

He is currently Doc Rivers’ assistant with the Clippers and has won the NBA Championship as head coach with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs.

Jay Wright’s name has also been released. The Villanova legend has two national championships with the Wild Gates and is one of the best basketball minds on planet Earth. Suspicious, but staying in Philly will certainly have some appeals, and the potential for COVID-19 to severely impact college basketball this year could play into his decision-making. 

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He continues to refuse the option to go to the NBA despite receiving many offers this year.

Jason Kidd and ESPN Mark Jackson, who are currently Lakers’ assistants, are also possible options. Both have leadership coaching experience, and since they were all-star point guards Ben Simmons can take the game to the next level.

The 76ers fire Brett Brown.

Roster moves are required

Speaking of Simmons and Philly’s other big star Joel Embiid, the organization has confirmed that there is no plan to tackle a single player. Rather the idea is to surround them with the best pieces. 

That’s a good idea. Take a look at the roster makeup of previous years where Philly was more successful in the playoffs. 

They had snipers like Marco Bellinelli, J.J. Redick, Landry Shamet and Dario Saric. You need it around players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons who dominate the high paint.

This year’s team included the likes of Tobias Harris and Al Horford, who tended to paint rather than stretch the floor. Brown is certainly responsible for the 76ers poor performance this year, but he’s not alone. 

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This list is not exactly structured around the two best players around the Sixers, which is why the Elton brand needs to address office roles before making sure the best basketball results going forward. 

It is officially time to believe in a new process in Philadelphia. All the weight falls on the shoulders of the Elton brand.

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