Interview with Professor Patrick Ogwang, Researcher and founder of COVIDEX

Patrick Ogwang, the founder of COVIDEX which is a natural herbal for supportive treatment in the management of viral infections, says he first experimented with the mixture to cure his American friend.

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In a statement to the media, COVIDEX founder Patrick Ogwang stated he first experimented with his mixture to cure his American friend. PHOTO via @YOUTUBE

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA — In his first experiment with his mixture, Professor Patrick Ogwang, the founder of the renowned COVIDEX, a natural herbal for supportive treatment in the management of viral infections, first treated his American friend.

Professor Patrick Ogwang made the remarks during a radio interview over the weekend. He said his American friend had travelled to Uganda to attend his uncle’s funeral and was suddenly infected.

”When I invited him to Mbarara University because I knew him, he left everything and came, so he came one day for the burial of my uncle, then he shared a car with someone who had Covid-19 and he got it.”

“After being admitted in Kampala, I requested that he be brought to Mbarara Hospital. He was put on oxygen, I felt a sense of guilt over his condition. I kneeled down with my hands raised praying for his life,” Ogwang said.

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Ogwang, who was puzzled at the time, revealed that he felt guilty seeing someone he had invited into the country admitted to a medical facility.

As a result, he says he feared succumbing to the virus.

Taking advantage of this, Ogwang used a concoction mixture called COVIDEX upon him and it proved successful.

Ogwang said, “I told the professor to use this medicine combination in addition to his other drugs. Three days later, he called me to say he wasn’t sick anymore, and on Saturday he was discharged and his lung, which had become critical, became normal.”

”So, I told the professor to take this mix along with his other medications, and three days later he spoke with me and said he was much better, then on Saturday he was discharged and his deteriorating lung was okay,” Ogwang said.

Upon hearing the news, the person who infected the American friend also requested the same mixture, and within a couple of days, he also recovered.

During this period, Ogwang received multiple phone calls from people requesting the concoctions.

“He wanted seven bottles, I told him that was an overestimate, one should take at least three bottles to cure. He took them and was negative within a few days, during that time another friend of his also called for the same.”

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“I asked her to go to the lab and asked the colleagues there to mix it for her. She brought it to the patient, he was off oxygen three days later, so I assembled my team, and we began to take the issue seriously,” he said.

Ogwang explains that the success of the mixture prompted him and his team to seek the government’s approval and funding to expand their production methods.

”As we started collecting data in June this year, a cousin of mine in Namugongo called me, saying that his family members were in danger with Covid-19. I sent 15 bottles, and the next day they told me that they were OK,” says Ogwang.

Due to these testimonies, we decided to apply to the National Drug Authority ( They called me back with a strong concern about closing down our operations, and another number with eights also called the following day, which was President Museveni.

“So the next day, I got another call with so many eights that was President Museveni,” he says, “and a response from the National Drug Authority.”

Ogwang said that in addition to asking a lot of questions, the president also asked the professor for evidence in support of allegations regarding the COVIDEX mixture.

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According to him, the president also asked him to forward the numbers of those who had taken the concoction and recovered.

”He called them all and asked them the same questions, saying he would call me the next day at 10:00 am. At exactly 10:00 am, the president called, asking over the details of the medicine, how does it work. I shared those details with him,” he said.

”At 10:00 am, the president called me as promised, and asked me questions about the science of medicine, how it works, I told him everything in detail,” he said.

When he asked about what I wanted, I told him that I wanted security for the factory and myself, and I also said I wanted expanded production capacity. He told me to speak to Deputy Inspector General Paul Lokech and Madam Lucy Nakyobe about security and financing.

”I told him I want security for the factory and myself, similarly, I want the capacity to expand production, and he said he would connect me to deputy IGP Paul Lokech and Ms Lucy Nakyobe.”

I kept receiving calls from the president asking about my progress every day.

Additionally, Ogwang says he was also infected by the Coronavirus days before his discussion with the president; upon learning this, the president advised him to take the concoction to cure himself.

”I had my first negative test on day 10 after using my codex and vitamin C, the president called me to express his delight, asking if I used our other medicine; I said yes sir, he was so happy, and ultimately I was also very happy,” Ogwang explained.

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