Reopening of the New York Museums set for 24 August

Governor Cuomo of New York announced on 24th of August the reopening of museums and cultural institutions.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced on 24th of August the reopening of museums and cultural institutions. There will be safety regulations in place for the institutions so that certain museums are currently operating at a loss.

Museums were the first places to close when the coronavirus struck in March. Worldwide, UNESCO estimates that 85,000 companies have closed due to the crisis.

Now, they are gradually reopening. Iconic companies such as the Louvre in Paris and Tate Modern in London temporarily allow guests.

What will the reopening of the New York Museums look like?

To avoid crowded areas, New York museums run at 25% occupancy. To ensure this low capacity, visitors to the museum will have to book their visits well in advance.

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As for the staff, many New York museums have to reduce their staff, rather than the size and cost of the crowd.

Also, face masks will be mandatory, and handwashing stations and marked traffic will be on display.

A financial dossier

Museums have been hit harder than many businesses over the past few months. While retailers and restaurants can maintain some of their business online, museums are by nature a unique experience.

In March, The American Alliance of Museums announced to Congress that it was losing a total of about $33 million a day. The performance was poor compared to an average of 7 137 million museums per day.

In response, the government provided cultural institutions with some federal aid. However, museums claim that this help is not enough to cover their losses. In about a third of the cases, they feared they might go before the museums reopened.

Now, these sacred institutions can pull in some revenue. However, Laura Lot, chief executive of the American Alliance of Museums, warns that the fight is not over yet.

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“Even if it reopens somewhat in the coming months, the costs will outweigh the revenues, and many museums will not have a financial safety net. The suffering museums will not be left alone.

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