Starbucks Will Require All Customers, Employees to Wear a Face Mask

Starbucks will require all customers and employees to wear face masks as of July 15th.

starbucks customers employees to wear face mask
Starbucks to require face masks. File Photo

All Starbucks customers and employees have until July 15th to wear a face mask. This rule applies to all Starbucks locations, even in states where the use of face masks is not currently mandatory.

  • From July 15, Starbucks will need all customers and staff to wear face masks
  • The decision comes just weeks after an employee’s viral video asking a Starbucks customer to wear a face mask
  • But Starbucks hopes to make life a little easier for its workers by establishing its face mask order
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Viral video of Starbucks Meltdown

The decision comes just weeks after an employees viral video asking a Starbucks customer to wear a face mask. The client, Amber Lynn Gilles, a yoga instructor in San Diego, filmed herself with a young employee, Lenin Gutierrez. 

He had told her that she could not enter without a mask, due to California orders. She started yelling at the worker and then released the video.

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The caption said that the employee, “refused to serve me because I did not wear a mask. Next time I will wait for the cops and get a medical exemption.”

The desired response to the post was not available. Instead, the video quickly criticized her behaviour with those on stage, calling her “Karen” – a middle-aged woman’s internet word.

Starbucks will require masks starting July 15th.

Starbucks report

To avoid further confusion, Starbucks draws a line in the sand. The new guidelines are an attempt to reprimand employees from the back.

In many regions, employees working in restaurants and retail stores have been asked to enter states and help establish shop policy.

Unfortunately, this often falls on the backs of young, low-wage workers, reminding hosts to cover their faces. But Starbucks hopes to make life a little easier for its workers by establishing its face mask order.

Meanwhile, other brands such as Uber and Costco have already adopted these policies. Starbucks hopes to serve as a role model for other companies to follow.

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“The company is committed to playing a constructive role in supporting health and government officials as they work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” Starbucks wrote in a statement.

The company also addressed customers living in areas where there are no local facelift orders. At these locations, customers who do not wish to wear a face mask can place an order via Drive-Through, Curbside Pickup, Starbucks app or Starbucks Deliveries. Either way, the costumers will not be able to enter the store.

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