5 of the Most Expensive French Luxury Brands in the World

Hermes is the most expensive French luxury brands in the world. They do everything from handbags to home decorations.

Hermes expensive french luxury brands
Hermes is the most expensive luxury brand in the world. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Top 5 expensive French luxury brands: If you are in Paris and want to do some shopping, be sure to add some of the best French luxury brands to your list. After all, while in Rome, mix up your metaphor and the French.

Louis Vuitton (LVMH)

Louis Vuitton began in 1854 by making trunks. The brand’s excellent craftsmanship eventually made it one of the world’s most exclusive handbag designers.

Today, they find everything from small wallets to large trunks, as well as clothing, watches, footwear and jewellery. Louis Vuitton is owned by luxury company LVMH.


Created in 1910, Chanel is one of the best hot-couture and streetwear brands in the world. Ask any elderly woman from the cloak of any community and she will tell you that she has multiple channel cases.

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Along with clothing, the brand is also famous for its perfume. It sells watches, glasses and other accessories.

Christian Louboutin

In many modern films, La Boutin shoes appear. You will see a pair of prominent female protagonist strut in eye-catching footwear.

The signature red legs of Christian Louboutin shoes are one of the most recognizable brands on the streets of any city. It has also produced countless knock-offs, but at the end of the day, owning a pair of real la ba tins is still an important level mark.


Cartier is one of the best luxury jewellery brands. Today, the company is known for its brand value of $6.3 billion and the manufacture of fine jewellery and watches. Be prepared to spend at least 5 or 6 figures on any Cartier item you want to buy.

Their watches and jewellery have been featured in many popular films, including Ocean’s 8 most recent with Sandra Bullock. Unlike many luxury French brands, Cartier does not extend its name to other categories.

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Hermes is the most expensive French luxury brands in the world. They do everything from handbags to home decorations. However, the most popular Hermes product is the Birkin Bag. There was a waiting list for this handbag, but nowadays it is only available to Birkin A-listers and those who have “links” with boutiques and sales partners.

There are so many tips and articles spread around the internet these days about how “ordinary people” can buy a Birkin bag. In this sense, Hermes truly mastered the art of “craving”.

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