COVID-19: President Trump ending US funding for the WHO

President Trump has been critical of the World Health Organization (WHO) response to COVID-19

Trump ending funding for WHO
Will Trump end US funding for the WHO?

President Trump says he will consider ending US funding estimated at $553 million for the WHO.

According to Donald Trump, WHO was wrong to criticize his travel limitations on China imposed on January 31st.

He believes the organization has been “very China-centric” and is failing in its COVID-19 response.

Initially, the President called for a full ban on US funding for WHO, a UN organization.

Will Trump US funding for WHO?

In more recent statements, Trump has modified his position saying he will look into cutting funding and that he has not yet made a definite decision.

His criticism of WHO is in line with his scepticism toward international organizations.

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WHO’s budget of around $6 billion is contributed to by UN member countries. The US provided $553 million to WHO in 2019.

Hence, a US funding pullout or reduction would significantly affect WHO operations. Such a move during a global pandemic would likely provoke anger from the international community.

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