Twitter Launches Fact-Check on Trump Tweets

A day after the Twitter fact-check announcements, Trump has threatened to regulate or shut down social media companies.

Trump Twitter fact-check
Twitter begins fact-check on Trump Tweets. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Twitter Fact-Check: President Trump is the first president to use Twitter as his primary method of communicating with the public. It is an important tool for the President to mobilize his base around the main themes of his presidency.

Many people think that his tweets are deliberately misleading, and sometimes the truth is not false.

The recent presidential outrage of his outspoken critic Joe Scarborough led Twitter to include fact-check statements in two of the president’s tweets.

A day after the Twitter fact-check announcements, Trump has threatened to completely regulate or shut down social media companies through a Tweet on his account.

He wrote, “Republicans feel that social media platforms completely silence conservative voices. Before we allow this to happen, we will tighten or close them. We saw what they were trying to do in 2016 and failed. We cannot allow a sophisticated version of it. Will happen again. Just as large-scale mail-in votes cannot be allowed to take root in our country. It will be free for everyone on fraud, fraud and ballot paper. Whoever cheats the most will win. Likewise, social media. Clean up your act now !!!! “

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Many viewers saw him as odd because of his traditional opposition to Trump’s business regulation. Others objected to the idea that big social media outlets are conservative.

Those critics may note that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg clashed with progressive Elizabeth Warren over anti-competitive practices for big tech companies.

Republicans besides the president have been critical of the social media’s politics.

“Big Tech receives a big handover from the federal government,” said Sen. Gregory of the Republic. Josh Howley told Fox News.

“They get this special immunity, and they are worth billions of dollars every year from these special immunizations and liability. Why are they subsidized by federal taxpayers to censor conservatives, to censor people who criticize China?“

Hawley refers to the new controversy over the removal of comments that criticize the Chinese Communist Party on YouTube.


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