UCU Students Are Scheduled to Begin Online Exams Within Two Weeks

UCU students have been attending their lectures through specific online sites and now online exams are also taking place.

ucu students online exams
UCU exams will begin on September 15th. FILE PHOTO

Lifestyle Uganda learned that Uganda Christian University (UCU) students will be urged to take online exams over two weeks, while programs for most schools and learning institutions across the country are still underway to adjust with the e-learning program.

In early July, following the coronavirus outbreak, the government offered to adjust e-learning programs to support curricula for gifted schools across the country.

The order seemed difficult for many schools, so those in rural areas are surprisingly welcomed with open arms between universities and higher education institutions.

The Mukono-based university was not left out. For the past few weeks, UCU students have been attending their lectures through specific online sites and now online exams are also taking place in the coming weeks.

Aaron Mushengyezi, Associate Professor at UCU, says they are in the process of engaging all of their students in online classes, as a result of which they will begin making their exams on September 15th.

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Commenting to a journalist, Mushengyezi said the decision came on the advice of the National Council for Higher Education for schools to pursue online learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The National Council for Higher Education has admitted us to medical school, so we invite our medical students and dentists to prepare,” Professor Mushengyezi stressed, as they are in a position to reach all students across the country.

Dr John Kitayimbwa, the deputy vice-chancellor for educational affairs, says more than 90 per cent of their students own laptops, and up to 92 per cent have a smartphone, which is still useful and feasible.

Dr Kitayimbwa added that the university had already signed up for MTN data access, which only required students to purchase an MTN card at Shs3,000 and to connect to a UCU academic server.

”Let parents and students know that even if they reopen, life may never come to normal; we may not return to normal,” Kitayimbwa said. Exam materials will be provided to students in their homes and residences.

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However, he called UCU students, especially those staying in the upcountry districts, to call the university administration and ask them to help them access the exams online.

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