UGANDA COVID-19 UPDATE: The Number of Cases Rises to 616

Uganda reported an additional 23 new COVID-19 cases from 2,494 samples, bringing the total number of infections to 616.

Uganda covid-19 cases 616
Uganda reported an additional 23 new COVID-19 cases. PHOTO/AFP AGENCY

The Ministry of Health on Sunday announced an additional 23 new COVID-19 cases from 2,494 samples, bringing the total number of infections in Uganda to 616.

A total of 2,494 samples were tested nationwide, including 1,515 samples from border truck drivers, 949 samples from alerts and contacts, and 30 samples from leading health workers.

“The results of the samples tested on June 06, 2020, confirm 23 new COVID-19 cases.

“There are 1,515 samples of entry points tested today, 949 samples of alerts and contacts, and 30 from health workers,” according to the ministry’s report.

By comparison, 47 foreign truck drivers who tested positive for COVID-19 were sent back to their respective countries, according to the ministry.

Also, the MOH says that a leading health care worker has tested positive for COVID-19 in Uganda, a positive portion of the sample, bringing the total number of doctors or nurses to 18 to date.

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As of today, there have been a total of 616 cases of COVID-19 reported in Uganda, of which 96 have been discharged after full recovery from the coronavirus, and none have died of the virus.

Meanwhile, health experts across the country have warned that in the weeks following Uganda’s extravagance among its locals, the COVID-19 cases could escalate rapidly after the lockdown was relaxed.

As the deadly coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country, with at least double-digit figures confirmed every day, Uganda may soon join their East African counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania, where they have registered relatively few infections.

Health experts across the country are already predicting that COVID-19 infections will increase following the loosening of the lockdown.

Uganda was one of the few countries worldwide to impose draconian measures before a case could be confirmed. The first proceedings were confirmed on March 18, three days after the country’s first COVID-19 case.

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Several months have passed and now more cases have been registered in Uganda. According to experts, many businesses and businesses were allowed to start their operations because the situation could worsen.

Earlier, Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Health, noted that a large number of individuals have disregarded measures and guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus following dehydration.

Many no longer wash their hands with soap, others do not maintain social distance as before, and others decide to wear masks instead of wearing them properly.

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