Uganda Starts Exportation of Mobile Phones

Uganda exports its first batch of home-made mobile phones to Morocco.

Uganda export Mobile Phones (1)
Uganda exports its first home-made mobile phones. FILE PHOTO

Uganda has exported locally manufactured mobile phones to Morocco through SIMI technologies.

The mobile phones were manufactured in-house by Simi Technologies, which is located in the Namanve Industrial park, owned by the Chinese.

The cargo was flagged by the state minister in charge of investment and privatization Ms Evelyn Anite and included 18000 feature phones and smartphones.

“This morning, I had the pleasure of flagging Uganda’s first mobile phones to Morocco, manufactured by Uganda’s first telephone manufacturing plant (SIMI Technologies),” said Hon. Evelyn Anite.

Anite said that it was a major step to reduce the cost of imported ICT products in the country and would help to increase export earnings as Uganda does not export any ICT products.

“This is a step towards lowering the import bill on Uganda’s ICT products and increasing export earnings,” said Evelyn Allied.

“The plant not only contributes to the economic growth and development of the plant but also helps to develop local capacity through the transfer of IT knowledge and skills,” Anite said.

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She went ahead to thank President Museveni for creating a conducive and ripe environment for investors.

“This plant not only contributes to the economic growth and development of Uganda but also helps local development of ICT knowledge and capabilities.

SIMI Technologies produces phones and laptops but has begun to manufacture protective glasses, and according to Anite, digital-temperature guns manufactured by SIMI technologies go less than 50,000 sheets and help fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

“In addition to producing phones and laptops, SIMI technologies have begun to produce safety glasses and affordable digital temperature guns, which can cost as low as UVX 5,000/=, which will help fight the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Anite.

About SIMI technologies

SIMI is a Ugandan company based in the Namanve Industrial park and was commissioned by President Museveni in 2019 in November.

Fully capable SIMI Technologies can produce 1500 smartphones, 2000 feature phones, 800 laptops, 2000 charges, 4000 USB cables and 4000 sets of earphones. The factory can employ another 400 workers directly.

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