Uganda introduces COVID-19 Helpline (*260#)

Uganda Health Ministry is launching a new COVID-19 Helpline, dial * 260 # to get started

Uganda COVID-19 helpline
Ministry of Health introduces COVID-19 Helpline (*260#). PHOTO/Twitter

Uganda Ministry of Health has launched a COVID-19 helpline code to allow the public to get coronavirus updates in every part of the country.

With the * 260 # helpline, everyone in Uganda can automatically access all COVID-19 details and contacts necessary to help stop the spread of deadly coronavirus.

Information from COVID-19 collection centres, SMS notifications, and District staff and contacts of all Resident District Commissioners are now accessible via dial pads.

Dial *260# to access COVID-19 USSD helpline in Uganda

Uganda has 52 cases in total today after four new cases of the virus were confirmed on Sunday 5th by the Ministry of Health.

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The Government has taken the requisite steps in an attempt to minimize the spread of the virus, including the declaration of a 14-day lockdown and a 7 pm curfew.

President Museveni was confident that Uganda could handle the dangers of virus-like it did with Ebola while addressing the public on Friday 3rd — his last meeting.

Museveni said the virus, in comparison to Ebola, spreads alone through soft faces like the nose, mouth and eyes, making it easy to escape if all people obey the instructions they need.

Since a lot of people take things for granted and do not listen to advice, he said this is why the virus looked deadly.

“I am beginning to be hopeful that we can defeat the virus because from what I have studied there is no big issue apart from the four points of preventing it including cleaning surfaces, not coughing near people, washing hands regularly with soap, water and sanitizer and not touching the soft parts of the eyes, nose and mouth,”

Museveni said on his last meeting.

“We slept in the bush and those who say that this situation is tough just make me laugh. it is not such a big issue but because people don’t listen and take things for granted. we can defeat it.”

Museveni on Twitter

Meanwhile, on Tuesday 7th, he will address the public again about other steps to be considered as the number of those infected with the virus continues to hyke in Uganda.

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