Visit Ski Dubai: 5 More Activities You Can Do on a Dubai Vacation

The activities you can enjoy in a Dubai vacation are limited by your imagination.

Visit Ski Dubai indoor ski resort
Where is Dubai and what can I do there. FILE PHOTO

Visit Ski Dubai and what can I do there: Dubai is a prosperous city in the UAE, a modern metropolis with a long coastline in the Persian Gulf. Dubai is known for its luxury, and accordingly, the activities you can enjoy in Dubai vacation are limited by your imagination.


For thrill-seekers, go to Palm Jumeirah to do some skydiving. There are numerous man-made islands in Dubai, and the Palm Jumeirah is one of the most popular. From above the buildings, you get a breathtaking view of the cityscape of Dubai. 

If you are a little wary of skydiving, or just want to take extra time to think about it, relax in Skydive Cafe, where you can see others flying into the sky.

Dubai Mall

Everything in Dubai is great and luxurious. Dubai Mall is not your run-of-the-mill suburban shopping centre. The amusement complex houses a fish and underwater zoo, an Olympic-sized ice rink, a reel cinema, an indoor theme park and hundreds of high-end fashion stores. 

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Whether you love shopping or interactive entertainment, Dubai Mall is a must-see.

Dubai Museum

Dubai is not all about commercialism, glitz and glamour. It also has a richly preserved rich history at the Dubai Museum. The building was built in 1800 as a fortress, and the exhibits inside take you on a journey of regional history. 

From the humble Bedouin lifestyle to the cosmopolitan city of today, the history of Dubai tells the story of a dynamic and fascinating corner of the world. Also, entering the museum costs less than one USD!

Desert Safari

Take a desert safari in Dubai with friends for the US $11, beautiful photo selections, camel meets and a desert BBQ. If you are the athlete type, you can try sandboarding too! After dinner, enjoy a smoke with some belly dancing from a traditional water tap (shisha).

Visit Ski Dubai

You may not think skiing is a possibility in your Middle Eastern vacation, what with sand, sun and dry heat. But Dubai has you covered. Visit Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, which offers day passes for only US $51. 

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Ski conditions are best year-round, as this indoor retreat creates its own, artificial snow. The whole campus is like a little oasis of winter in a vast, warm desert.


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