WHO Director-General comments on COVID-19

The Director-General of the World Health Organization issued a series of comments on the pandemic.

WHO comments on COVID-19
Director-General comments on COVID-19. File Photo

WHO comments on COVID-19.

  •  The Director-General of the World Health Organization issued a series of comments on the epidemic
  • The Director-General isolated the United States as the current epicentre of the epidemic with 50 per cent of cases
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The line from the WHO: Globally, the COVID-19 epidemic is far from over. In fact, as of Tuesday morning, 13,095,500 people had been affected and 572,700 had died. Although deaths are stable, in July, global cases have increased significantly. 

Among the most populous countries, the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan stand-alone for significant increases in epidemics.

WHO Comments on COVID-19

On July 13, the Director-General of the World Health Organization issued a series of comments on the epidemic. He warned countries that two things are essential to deal with the crisis. 

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First, the public must follow the basic rules of hygiene – social distance, wearing a mask, coughing etiquette and staying home incase your feeling unwell.

Second, political leaders need to express a clear and consistent action plan for COVID-19.

Significantly, the Director-General isolated the United States as the current epicentre of the epidemic with 50 per cent of cases. In addition, he noted that 80 per cent of infections were reported from only ten countries.

Director General Tedros.

The Four situations

Four COVID-19 scenarios characterize outbreak around the world.

  • “Countries that were vigilant and alert – they prepared and responded quickly and efficiently to the first events.” They cover the Mekong region, the Pacific, the Caribbean and many countries in Africa.
  • “Countries affected by a major outbreak have been brought under control by strong leadership and a population that adheres to key public health measures.” There were many countries in Europe and elsewhere.
  • “Countries that overcame the first outbreak, but have relaxed controls, are now struggling with new peaks and speeding up cases.” No countries mentioned.
  • “It simply came to our notice then. We see this in many countries in the United States, South Asia and Africa. “
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