Here Are 10 More Tips to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

It becomes extremely difficult to lose weight quickly because you are not doing the right things, and your body is getting more of what you need.

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Firstly rapid weight loss can be dangerous. PHOTO via @Shutterstock

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight quickly and safely. In this article, I will be discussing the positives and the negatives of safe rapid weight loss, and how you can use this information to your benefit. 

Sometimes you can gain too much weight as you leave out some crucial information.

Firstly rapid weight loss can be dangerous. Fat stabilized tissue in your body becomes oxidized and can release harmful fatty acids into your bloodstream. You want to do anything that could cause such radical change inside your body.

Secondly, not all rapid weight loss is bad. The ineffective gradual weight loss programs which mothers often use in Robert’s muscle seriously undermine your metabolism. 

It’s very difficult to stay motivated to keep any kind of exercise routine going and your muscles in the wrong place if you seem to have no progress.

And as soon as you start eating normal again you will pick up all the weight and more.

Thirdly your body needs protein. So you can eat meat, chicken and even fish which contains the protein component you must take at least two and a half ounces every day.

Fourthly there are many condiments that you may not know are very high in calories. Bake potato, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, alcohol etc you may not know about it. And life these things are not as dangerous as the food seems.

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Fifth the lack of energy is certainly not healthy. By denying your body the proper nutritious food it becomes sluggish and unable to stimulate itself, therefore making your body inefficient.

Frequently eating refined complex carbohydrates with the proper vitamins and minerals will give you a good boost of energy and sustained metabolism. A sluggish metabolism will make rapid weight loss impossible.

Sixth, when you deny your body essential fats your brain begins to suck up the fat which is inadequate cellular resources to draw from. By not consuming sufficient essential fats your brain will then demand more food and you eat extra calories without even realizing it.

Seventh, your body begins to store more fat because it is getting the essential fat it needs. It becomes extremely difficult to lose weight quickly because you are not doing the right things, and your body is getting more of what you need.

Eight, cutting back on protein may not make the weight come off as you think. You need protein to maintain your muscles, and by not supplying your body is getting its essential protein it begins to breakdown your muscle tissue to produce glucose in a process called catabolism.

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Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, and its breakdown costs energy.

So you see it is a lot easier for your body to burn off muscle than it does excess fat. Your body may even cannibalize your organs to continue performing the function.

Nine, you do need carbohydrates, but in small quantities, and preferably in small meals eaten at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Carbohydrates are needed to provide the necessary energy needed for your body to function properly, and eating a diet that lacks sufficient calories will not supply your body with the necessary fuel it needs.

I recently read about a man who lost over 400 pounds sticking only to salads opting to lose weight.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t eat any meat, with his broiled chicken bits, but he went down to 350 a day by skimping on the meat and adding extra vegetables and fruits to his diet.

Ten, excess sleep lowers the levels of the hormone leptin and raises your levels of the hormone ghrelin. With less leptin than is needed your appetite is increased, with more ghrelin, your body signals to you that you are hungry, and you eat more. 

Lack of sleep is stressful on your system, and stressful situations create stress hormones, like cortisol, also causing your appetite to increase.

So the ten points I mentioned about lack of sleep are not earth-shattering, but major in their consequences. And if you are trying to lose weight quickly, having sufficient sleep is vital. 

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It will make it easier for you to lose weight, and the other benefits mentioned on inf dumps overload are the main reason why you should include enough sleep in your overall lifestyle.

We leave you with a few last points to kos your Sweet flavour craving under control to do this and that. Cravings can come from just as many sources, be it physical or mental. Try to reduce or eliminate the source of the cravings, whether it is a sweet tooth of some kind, a salty craving, or a picture craving.

A tip is to drink more water. The scientific evidence is in on this one. You have seen many people grow quite a few extra pounds, all down to adequate hydration. So keep your body well hydrated.

Also try to reduce your sugar, salt and alcohol intake.

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