Zari the Boss Lady’s All-White Party Returns to Kampala with Unmatched Glamor and Opulence

In Kampala, the highly anticipated annual event, Zari Hassan's All-White Party, is set to make a glamorous return this December. Zari Hassan, in collaboration with Talent Africa Group, shared the exciting news on X, announcing the event's date as Saturday, December 16th, at the newly launched Noni Vie Lounge & Restaurant in Lugogo. Renowned for epitomizing opulence, fashion, and sophistication,

Bwetunge Ivan Bwetunge Ivan

Stress Clinic Premieres with Stellar Lineup: Maddox, Nwagi, and Keko to Headline

Maddox Sematimba, Winnie Nwagi, and award-winning rapper Keko are set to headline the inaugural edition of the entertainment show "Stress Clinic" at UMA showgrounds in Lugogo. This fusion of comedy and music will showcase performances by renowned Ugandan comedians Madrat & Chico, Maulana & Reign, Bizonto, Agnes Akite, and will be hosted by Ronnie McVex. Organizers, led by Paul Ampurire,

Lifestyle Uganda Lifestyle Uganda

Asake Clinches International Artist of the Year at MTN Liberia Music Awards 2023

The 2023 MTN Liberia Music Awards winners were announced in Monrovia, with Nuchie Meek securing the prestigious Artist of the Year Award, triumphing over JZyNo, MC Caro, Fazari CIC, and J Slught. Nuchie Meek also claimed honors in categories such as Hipco/Trapco Song of the Year, Hipco/Trapco Artist of the Year, and Male Artist of the Year. JZyNo and Anitram

Lifestyle Uganda Lifestyle Uganda
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Check Out Zafaran’s New Music Video for Sweetheart

Zafaran, who last month signed a contract with Swangz Avenue, released a song entitled 'Sweetheart' under the label. KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( —Following her signing with Swangz Avenue last month, Zafaran released her very first song under the label called Sweetheart. Known by her real name Josephine Nakyoonyi, Zafaran was unveiled by Swangz Avenue on 18th March 2022 as one of their latest additions. The song is Zafaran's first release since joining Swangz. She showcases some of her best vocals in this powerful song as well as her lyrical maturity. Zafaran has officially launched her career with the new single written by Dokta Brain and produced by Bomba, which speaks of her unending love for her intimate handsome ''sweetheart''. It is also an upbeat dance track. With its beautiful harmonies and the countless bridges, interludes, and progressions in the song, the song establishes a new generation of musicians with tons of technical ability behind their creativity. Gabriel Kyambadde directed the video for 'Sweetheart' which is simple and colourful with Zafaran expressing her love through her movements. In addition to the costumes that showcase Africa's colourful and diverse culture, the choreographers add spice to the visuals.

Lifestyle Uganda Lifestyle Uganda

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