How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? Tips to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Salon that Puts Hair Extensions
Salon that Puts Hair Extensions

How long are hair extensions going to last? That’s a legitimate question to ask if you want to get tresses extensions.

If you want to appear as if you’ve had a good mop on the head, you’ll get the thickening and the volume of your locks by adding extensions.

Again, however, hair extensions represent a major investment in your appearance. It can be costly for them to be applied professionally.

You need a special hair treatment regimen. And whatever extension specialists are saying, you’re limited to how you can style your hair if you have artificial hair on it.

You therefore need to know what you are getting into before you commit to this investment. And that means knowing how long you’ll have to maintain hair extensions.

Factors that Dictate the Lifespan of Hair Extensions

Two main factors determine the duration of your artificial locks. One is the kind of hair extension you purchased. Two general hair extensions are available – virgin hair and fibre – based hair.

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Virgin hair consists of true human hair. This hair type has never been processed with products or perms of styling.

They are perfectly and directly aligned to their cuticles. Virgin extensions can last for up to a whole year.

On the other hand, fiber hair is man made hair. It lasts far less than virgin hair, which can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

This does not mean, though, that they’re much less than virgin hair. Some look like real human tresses and feel as good.

The other factor determining the length of your hair extensions is how it is tied to your locks.

Glued – in hair is very cheap, but it only lasts for a week. You have to be careful with glued – in hair because it can damage your tresses and your scalp.

On the other hand, woven or braided hair can look good on your head for at least three months.

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Proper maintenance is the key to Long – term Hair Extensions

Regardless of the extensions, or the way you put them on your head, you’ll get a lot out of them if you keep them correctly. Special care is needed for artificial tresses, as mentioned above.

You absolutely have to take care of your extensions if you want to use your extensions up to their full life span, and if the damage to your scalp and real locks due to your extensions is not possible.

The first thing you need to do is follow the aftercare sheet that comes with your extensions. This aftercare sheet will dictate how you should pay attention to your artificial hair so that it will last longer and in good condition.

Second, you should schedule touch – up appointments every four or six weeks with your hairdresser. Your hairdresser will check the condition of your extensions and perform preventive maintenance on the bond that holds your extensions to your real locks.

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Your hairdresser can also look for signs to show that the extensions harm your actual skirt and tresses and advise you whether or not to take them out.

Lastly, you should be vigilant with your extensions. At the first sign of irritation or damage, you need to see your hairdresser and have your hair extensions repaired or removed.

The length of your hair extension depends heavily on how you look after it. Take care of your extensions more carefully to make the most of them.

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