Museveni Marks 35th NRM Day Celebrations, Warning Against Post-Election Violence

While marking the 35th NRM Day celebrations, President Museveni said he heard about some groups that want to incite violence, but warned that this will not happen, he is still in charge.

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President Yoweri addressing the country on the 35th NRM Day celebrations. PHOTO via @State House Entebbe/Twitter

Museveni made the remarks while addressing the country on the 35th NRM Day celebrations at State House Entebbe on Tuesday. Amid continuing fears in the country over post-election violence, newly elected President Yoweri Museveni has promised that Uganda will remain a peaceful nation.

  • For the past 10 years, Uganda has been ranked 5th in the world, without oil.
  • The president said his country’s challenge now is to find a fair market for its citizens’ goods.
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The president admitted he had heard of some groups seeking to incite violence, but warned that this would not happen because he is still in charge.

“I congratulate Uganda on peaceful elections. Although some groups have tried to bring violence, remember I said we will defeat violence. You saw what happened. Forget the violence, do not dream about it because it will not work. Forget the threats, you will be pressured into anything.” Museveni said.

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He noted that the victory of the ruling NRM party in the elections now over was based on ideas. Museveni explained that the country has progressed over the last ten years with more than 40% of the total population producing goods for sale.

The president said Uganda’s challenge is to find a fair market for its citizens’ goods. He promised that this would be one of his main goals during this new tenure.

“For the past 10 years, Uganda has been ranked 5th in the world, without oil.” “In this Kisanja, intensifying East African cooperation is an issue. We are in a good position from where we stand. The industrial sector is growing, but we need to solve the problem of the market.”

Moreover, he aimed to dig into the fact that the current opposition leaders are pursuing sectarian politics. The NRM leader said politics based on tribals, religions and other differences were wrong and dangerous for any country.

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Citing an example when his NRM party rose against Idi Amin’s regime in 1986, Museveni said that only about 17% of the country’s population make up tribes, which is not enough to guarantee the victory of any presidential aspiration.

“There was a theory of rejection of identity politics, it was wrong, dangerous, impractical. This sectarianism was rubbish. We worked with the parties, but when Amin came, we had to come automatically. We tried to work with the UPC against Amin but they could not change their thinking. , “the president added.

“I am not from Kabaka Yekka, I could not. I was a member of others (UPC and DP). By 1965, we saw the dangers of advancing with that kind of politics. If you go sectarian, you will not get enough votes to win an election. Not even 17% which make up tribes.”

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