Uganda’s Opposition FDC Calls for an Interim Government in 2021

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), calls for an interim government in the coming 2021 general elections.

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FDC has opposed the party’s holding of the 2021 general presidential election. FILE PHOTO

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has opposed the party’s holding of the 2021 general presidential election, but rather the election of an interim government as long as the country favours voting leaders.

  • FDC party held its meeting yesterday to discuss the recently released revised road map
  • Patrick Oboi Amuriat calls for the interim government in 2021
  • FDC has raised it’s dissatisfaction in participating in the 2021 elections
  • FDC party president calls for the interim government in 2021
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Following the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the Electoral Commission (EC) ruled that all campaigns and rallies would be conducted in an electrifying manner rather than postponing the upcoming elections.

In other words, activists at all levels can only campaign electronically via TV, radio and social media, and can only do so with voting training, because they can manage it with orders such as hand washing, social distortion or the like. Leave the required meter space between the voters in the queue.

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The Electoral Commission explained that the election process attracted large public meetings, which, if not managed properly, could pose a high COVID-19 risk to a person to person and object.

However, in the wake of the events, the FDC has raised dissatisfaction with the upcoming 2021 elections, prompting the Electoral Commission to set up an interim and temporary government as it battles the spread of the coronavirus.

According to political science, a temporary, transitional or interim government is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political change in the cases of new countries or the collapse of the previous administration.

Temporary governments are generally appointed and often arise during or after civil or foreign wars. Provisional governments maintain their power until a new government, which is the general election, is appointed through a regular political process.

According to party leader Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Electoral Commission’s decision to urge the country to a quasi-scientific or quasi-formal election, which is not supported by the Supreme Court, is a fraud and absurd, which does not apply to any election.

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Amuriat says the current fear, confusion and chaos over the 2021 election is due to the government’s refusal to declare an emergency.

Patrick Amuriat also raised fears that the EC could use the epidemic as an excuse to impose another facet of digital voting in the context of a scientific election.

“In the eleventh hour, there is a real fear that the Electoral Commission and the government may further exploit the epidemic, rather than campaigning digitally, which imposes on us another aspect of digitally voting in the context of a ‘scientific election’.

Meanwhile, the FDC party held its meeting yesterday to discuss the recently released revised road map, in which the Electoral Commission (EC) announced a ban on open space campaigning.

Party General Secretary Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Monica Amoding, Kumi Woman MP, Veronica Bikyetero Elagu, Kaberamaido Woman MP and Bugabula Southern MP Henry Maurice Kibalya were present at the party leaders meeting.

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