Here is everything you need to know about Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea has long been consumed by people all over the world. Here are three of the most important health benefits of Hibiscus tea

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Hibiscus tea has long been consumed by people all over the world. In fact, in ancient Egypt, herb tea was regarded as the favourite beverage of Pharaohs.

In many countries, there is a long tradition of using tea as a natural herbal remedy. What do you need to know about herbal tea?

In this article, I will share with you the most important facts about it.

How is Hibiscus tea made?

Hibiscus tea is a light-coloured herb tea from the flowering kale of Mexico, Thailand, India, the Pacific Islands, China, Egypt and Sudan.

Interestingly, a plant with light-coloured flowers is the state flower of Hawaii.

What is the recipe of Hibiscus?

You can buy loose leaf tea or tea bags. When you have a cup of tea, you can make hot tea or cold tea.

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If you want to make hot tea, bring boiling water, put one teaspoon of loose leaf tea in a glass and let the tea steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

If you want to make iced tea, you will need about 6 cups of water and a cup of sugar.

Bring boiling water, remove from heat, add 1/2 cup herb tea leaves and sugar, stir, wait 10 minutes and let cool completely. Serve with plenty of ice.

Many people associate it with sugar because herbal tea has a sour taste. You can also add some spices.

Here are three of the most important health benefits of Hibiscus tea

  1. It lowers blood pressure. Herb tea is lacking caffeine, so it is a good alternative to coffee or black tea. Furthermore, studies have shown that hypertension can be very effective in reducing hypertension in mild and moderate individuals. Drinking three cups of tea every day for at least a few weeks will lower your blood pressure by seven to ten points.
  2. It improves your cardiovascular health. Researchers have confirmed that herbal tea can help reduce the amount of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Lowering these levels reduces your risk of heart disease. This is a very important health benefit because nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.
  3. It is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are products that protect your cells against the effects of dangerous free radicals. Free radicals can damage your cells and reduce your lifespan.
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If you want to reduce your risk of serious illnesses, you should have a diet rich in antioxidants.

Keep in mind that tea is a herbal remedy, which means it can cause some side effects. If you are pregnant with any medication, ask your doctor before drinking Hibiscus tea!

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