Announcing the Initial 2020 Muzikol Music Awards and Calling for Votes

The inaugural Muzikol Music Awards will take place over two days on November 13 and 14 in Douala, Cameroon.

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The inaugural Muzikol Music Awards. FILE PHOTO

Muzikol Music Awards (MUMA) is an award program designed by Muzikol for musicians who are operated by African musicians and engineers.

  • The MUMA 2020 received 14,000 voter nominations in 16 categories.
  • MUMA winners will be selected from the finalists of these two nominations (voter and statistical)
  • Muzikol is the first Cameroonian site to sell music online through local payment methods.
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Created to be 100% controlled by music professionals such as musicians, promoters, managers and fans, Muzikol Music Awards recognizes and rewards individuals who run the growing African music industry, starting in Cameroon and Africa.

“For the African music industry to really thrive, Africans must tell our own stories and control the stories of our own art.” Founder and software engineer said, Nges Bryan. “As African musicians, producers, promoters, record labels and managers, we must define our own success and reward those who truly deserve it.”

The MUMA application uses artificial intelligence to manage candidates (nominees), votes and awards, safely analyzes public inputs and votes, thus excluding any bias or support.

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“We invite fans to support their favorite artists by voting for any of the 3 Pan African and 29 Cameroonian Awards categories,” Nges said.

The inaugural Muzikol Music Awards will take place over two days on November 13 and 14 in Douala, Cameroon. The first day will bring together more than 250 industry partners to share information, discuss the challenges facing Cameroonian and African music and make valuable contacts. 

The second day will be a celebration of musicians and music experts, and the main awards event is expected to attract more than 1,500 participants from across Africa.

Each MUMA 2020 candidate is linked to a profile, with a history of their accomplishments and contributions to the industry. The online site, powered by custom engineering and artificial intelligence, also documents 174 candidates in 32 awards categories.

Panels will evaluate the nominees and winners of the statistical categories, taking into account the input of stakeholders in the diverse music industry. 

“Our teams are made up of independent professionals – people with valuable, local experience, and have no affiliation with MUMA, or are really Muzikol,” Nges Bryan said.

How it works

“Every year it’s important for us to create a safe platform to select winners based on truly secure celebrity votes and, above all, value,” said Nges Bryan. It’s rewarding for how it works. “

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The innovative voting platform of the Muzikol Music Awards (MUMA) records two types of nominations, including voter nominations and statistical nominations.

MUMA received 14,000 voter nominations in 16 categories, with each voter allowing six types of nominations. The MUMA site automatically uses comprehensive and secure information provided by the public to rank artists, count entries, and create shortlists of top 10 nominations per category.

“After the final grading, the first 7 artists of a genre automatically become finalists, so there is no room for human error, bias or support,” said Nges Bryan.

Meanwhile, shortlists of statistical recommendations are submitted by the nominating committee. Final candidate announcements include the motivations of the Independent Committee.

MUMA winners will be selected from the finalists of these two nominations. In the case of voter divisions, the candidate with the highest score from the public opinion will be selected from the platform, which safely analyzes the number of votes without external interference. 

For statistical categories, a judging panel will review the input from them, and the nominee with the highest quality will be the winner.

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The story that has happened so far

In 2017, Nges Bryan launched the now popular media platform Muzikol, a multi-award winning app for African artists to interact with fans, producers and other professionals, sell their music and commercials, and set up book artists and events. 

The entrepreneur began his journey as a stage artist in the music industry, released his first album in high school and quickly gained popularity in his local community. He has worked in production, promotion and management, and uses technology to drive innovations in the industry he is interested in.

Muzikol is the first Cameroonian site to sell music online through local payment methods such as mobile money and orange money, and its success led to the launch of the inaugural Muzikol Music Awards (MUMA) event in 2020.

Visit to learn more or to cast your votes.

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