5 Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Let’s look at the health benefits of these sunflower seeds.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds
Health benefits of these sunflower seeds. PHOTO/Shutterstock

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds maybe your favourite snack for baseball games (good choice, by the way). But did you know that sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in addition to their flavour? 

Let’s look at the health benefits of these sunflower seeds.

Lots of healthy fats

Sunflower seeds are full of mono and polyunsaturated fats. These fats stimulate the production of HDL, which expels the fat from your blood vessels and returns to your liver. 

Unlike saturated fats that you find in animal products, unsaturated fats can help reduce inflammation and protect your heart for the long term.

Fiber and protein

Don’t worry about artificial fiber and protein shakes. They taste lime and no one suffocates them. Instead, pack a bag of sunflower seeds. These will fill you up and you will enjoy them. They also make a great, healthy snack, so you can indulge in it anytime, anywhere.

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Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in every biological process in your body. It is essential for energy production, protein production and other essential functions. 

Sunflower seeds are naturally high in magnesium, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on magnesium supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps fight cancer and reduce inflammation. If you hate taking vitamin E capsules, try sunflower seeds instead. The more natural way to get this vitamin, the more you will absorb it.


Zinc is an important component of many proteins and enzymes in your body. One great benefit of eating sunflower seeds is that it is practically impossible to consume too much zinc. 

If you take vitamin supplements, you are at increased risk of getting high. Stick with natural sources of zinc in a well-balanced diet for ultimate health benefit.

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