5 Different Varieties of Asian Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a staple of cuisine all across the world, especially in Asia.

varieties of Asian fried chicken
Different varieties of Asian fried chicken. FILE PHOTO

Different varieties of Asian fried chicken: Although undoubtedly an American favourite, fried chicken is a staple in the world, especially in Asia. 

Each culture has its recipes and frying methods, so if you want to expand your castle, consider these five fried chicken recipes from the Far East (Asian).

Chicken Yasa (Senegal)

Chicken Yasa is Senegal’s national dish. The chicken is fried in a skillet and served with a healthy portion of caramelized onions over the rice. Don’t skimp on peanut oil – that’s what gives this dish its unique flavour.

Gai Tod (Thailand)

In Thailand, the chicken is marinated overnight and deep-fried for 10-15 minutes. To give your meat a real flavour, make it from the oyster sauce, garlic and white pepper. Do not take any short cuts with marinating.

This is why it allows the chicken to roast for so long without drying out. This dish goes well with cucumbers and white rice.

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Karaage (Japan)

Karaage is a lightly fried slice of processed chicken and chicken breast cartilage with soy sauce, ginger and garlic. The food can be purchased from street vendors and small shops throughout Japan.

It’s less greasy than most fried chicken you have, so if you want to look at fatty foods easily, this may be one way to fix fried chicken without completely ruining your diet.

Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken (Singapore)

Talk about the ultimate street food surf and turf! In Singapore, long strips of chicken (think chicken fingers) are shrimp paste and deep-fried. This is an inexpensive food that is ideal for wandering or visiting the markets. 

Additionally, if you like the taste of seafood, you will want the special flavour that the shrimp paste gives this dish.

Yangnyoum Chicken (South Korea)

Korean fried chicken is double or triple fried and then wrapped in a sweet chilli BBQ sauce. Additional frying sessions will add more crunch to the outer layer at each step.

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This dish is great with leavened vegetables such as kimchi and a bowl of white rice.

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