HBO Max Release: What Is It, Pricing and How to access HBO Max

HBO Max offers everything that a regular HBO subscription offers and much more.

How to access HBO Max

How to access HBO Max: After months of anticipation, WarnerMedia has finally released its entry into streaming battles. This Wednesday, HBO Max unveiled the delight of many TV fans who are still stuck at home due to Coronavirus restrictions.

HBO Max offers everything a regular HBO subscription offers. In addition to the full HBO list, the new streaming service reveals many Warner Bros. content, from studio classics such as Streetcar Named Desire and The Wizard of Oz to full-on Harry Potter series and DC movies. 

For starters, HBO’s entire library of critically acclaimed original series and about 600 movies is available.

Slight change of plans

The release was without success. WarnerMedia has long anticipated that Netflix will light up its new platform, which has more than twice as many subscribers as HBO and therefore sought to attract logins by getting exclusive headlines and specials.

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Until January this year, Warner spent billions of dollars to acquire exclusive rights to successful sitcom friends available on Netflix. 

A few months ago, the six original cast members of the series agreed to a reunion special that HBO Max wanted to use as a cover. But the Coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely put together a special product that once again sank into one of HBO Max’s strongest marketing plays.

While distribution deals with some cable providers are still up in the air, another issue for WarnerMedia is whether to go ahead with the launch.

However, postponing the introduction would have left all the potential visitors stranded at home. Eventually, Warner decided to roll out the stage as planned.

How to access HBO max

There are good news and bad news if you want to use HBO Max.

The good news is that many HBO fans will automatically gain access. If you subscribe to HBO Now, the streaming-only version of HBO that does not require a cable subscription, you will automatically upgrade to the new service at no additional cost.

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Additionally, if you receive HBO from a premium cable subscription, you will be prompted to upgrade for free when you open the app on your TV.

Cable providers already supported by HBO Max include AT&T TV, DIRECTV, AT&T U-Verse, Hulu, Spectrum, Altice, Suddenlink, Optimum, Cox Contour and Verizon Fios TV.

The bad news is that HBO Max is not yet available on Rogue or Amazon Fire TV, as Warner has yet to get deals with these TV streamers. Dish and Sling TV customers are likewise out of luck. Warner has announced that it is close to getting a deal with Comcast, so subscribers to Comcast Xfinity Cable may soon have access.


An HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 per month, which is more expensive than other streaming sites, but it’s the same price as a typical HBO subscription. 

This means that when you upgrade from the old HBO service to the HBO Max, you get more than 600 additional titles for free. If you already have HBO, it is not wise to promote it. 

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If you don’t, it’s a good price for such a large selection, especially for content you can’t stream on Netflix or any other competitive site.

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