UPFIELD Announces Vegan Menu Partnership with Movenpick Hotels

The largest plant-based consumer goods company in the world, Upfield, has announced a partnership with Movenpick Hotels & Resorts and its plant-based brand, Flora Plant.

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Movenpick’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers’ Urban Bar & Kitchen (UBK) has created two special recipes using Flora Plant butter and cream, which is 100% plant-based. FILE PHOTO

The world’s largest plant-based consumer goods company, Upfield, announced a partnership between Movenpick Hotels & Resorts and its plant-based brand Flora Plant. 

As part of an effort to popularize vegan options in Dubai’s dining scene, the Movenpick Jumeirah Lake Towers’ Urban Bar and Kitchen (UBK) restaurant has created a recipe using Flora Plant’s 100% plant-based butter and cream. 

The two recipes ‘Vegan Apple Tart’ and the ‘Vegan Truffle Pasta’ will be available for diners to try from the UBK menu from April 3rd. This is the first Flora Plant partnership within the UAE and is part of a group initiative to support chefs in meeting the increasing demand for plant-based options. 

”In recent years, many chefs have noticed that diners are looking for different menu options at their restaurants for health reasons, such as lactose or gluten intolerance, or ethical or environmental reasons.”, Chef Marwan Abidaoud explained in his remarks. 

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”The challenge chefs face is to find ingredients that satisfy all their customers’ dietary preferences, deliver on taste, and reduce the complexity in their kitchens at the same time. Flora Plant will simplify creating a wider variety of plant-based dishes that all diners will enjoy,” he added.

Chef Murugan Thirumalai, the Executive Chef at Movenpick JLT Dubai, said, “In the food business, trends are critical. As veganism or plant-based diet continues to gain popularity, it is crucial to provide guests with a good variety of interesting food options.” 

”Chefs take on this challenge to explore their creativity and produce great results. Further, the food industry impacts our planet with its many resources. Accor Group is committed to helping preserve our planet by supporting sustainable agriculture. By increasing plant-based options on our menu, we are not only keeping pace with the market demand for vegan foods but also helping to contribute to sustainability. Being a Chef, that is personally satisfying to me.” he added.

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Flora Plant is available in local retail outlets throughout the UAE and across the Gulf and is the only 100% allergen-free cream and butter available in the UAE and across the Gulf.

Flora Plant is the latest product innovation from Upfield and is the only plant-based cream and butter allergen-free cream and butter available in the UAE and the rest of the Gulf.

The Flora Plant Butter and Flora Plant Cream are made with plant-based oils and no artificial flavourings or preservatives. They are gluten-free and vegan and a rich, creamy taste can be used in baking and cooking. 

When compared with dairy, Flora Plant has half the impact on greenhouse gas emissions, uses two-thirds less land and half the water to produce Flora Plant. By switching from dairy, consumers help to make the world a better place, while still enjoying the same delicious taste.

Flora Plant has a 50% lower impact on CO2 emissions than dairy does, and it only takes half the carbon dioxide and requires two thirds less land, and half the water to produce Flora Plant.

Flora Plant Butter and Flora Plant Cream are also packaged in FSC-certified, plastic-free parchment paper, making it an environmentally responsible choice for consumers looking to reduce their impact on our planet through sustainable foods without sacrificing taste.

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It comes packaged in 100% FSC certified plastic-free parchment paper, making it a better choice for consumers who care about the environment through earth-friendly food that isn’t deprived of taste.

This year, Upfield will be sponsoring the inaugural vegan category at this year’s Expo Culinaire, an annual competition held this April, which has been an opportunity for junior chefs for the last 24 years to showcase their culinary skills selected by chefs globally.

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