The Meaning of Anklets Based on Their Colour

A gift anklet is a message that can be conveyed not just by where it is worn, but also by its colour. If you are sending one as a gift, send it according to the message you want to convey.

lifestyleug.com__Anklets by color and their meaning
White symbolizes purity and innocence. PHOTO via @Leelavadee

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( —  Anklets can have many meanings based not only on where they are worn but also on the colour they are worn in. If you give one as a gift, let’s send it according to the message you want to express.

  • The following are the 8 meanings of anklets based on colour.
  • Anklets have meaning not only for where they are worn but also for their colour.
  • Pink anklets are associated with romance and marriage.
  • You can also read what anklet means to different cultures and religions.

Depending on the situation, you might choose to use red or blue depending on the game or tournament you are playing, for example.

When you are using it for yourself, you can choose colours based on your current situation, such as red for upcoming games and tournaments and blue for work.

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Anklets in White colour

Anklets in white symbolise purity and innocence, a pure heart untainted by any other colour. White anklets go with any type of outfit, so white is a good choice when you’re not sure.

lifestyleug.com__Anklets by color and their meaning
White symbolizes purity and innocence. PHOTO via @Leelavadee

Anklets in Yellow

The meaning of yellow anklets is fortune, as well as sociability. The colour is bright and cheerful, and the lively design seems to give you energy and courage just by wearing it.

Anklets in Brown

Brown anklets are a symbol of a strong family bond. This colour can be worn by both boys and girls, making it convenient for the whole family to wear together.

Anklets in Green

If you are stressed or tired, it is a good idea to look at the green, because green is known to have a calming effect. The neutral colour makes it easier to pair with different outfits.

Anklets in Blue

According to the image, it gives the impression of being intelligent and cool. As you can see in the blue anklet, it symbolizes good luck in work and blooming talent.

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Anklets in Pink colour

The colour pink is associated with love and marriage. This makes pink anklets a beautiful and charming accessory, serving both aesthetic and symbolic purposes.

Anklets in Red color

In sports or competitions, wearing a red anklet together can bring you good luck. If you are a student, it is best to wear them together.

Anklets in Black

As for the black anklet, it symbolizes secrets. It is not often worn according to its meaning, however, it is an easy colour to pair, featuring the perfect colour and design for a solid or cool outfit.

lifestyleug.com__Anklets in Black (1)
It is a colour that is rarely used according to its meaning but is an easy colour to match as it features the perfect colour and design for a solid or cool outfit. PHOTO via @Leelavadee


Depending on where and what colour the anklet is, it has a different meaning. For example, an anklet worn on the left foot signifies someone who is married or in love.

On the other hand, when worn on the right foot, it indicates that the wearer is single and looking for a lover.

Furthermore, the colour that you choose casually as a fashion item has different meanings, and anklets add a subtle element of muted elegance to your look. 

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Additionally, you can read about the meaning of anklets in different cultures here.

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