All the Nominees for the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021

Fik Fameika, Navio, Feffe Busi, Gravity, Felista Di Superstar, Da Agent and MC Yalla are among the nominees for the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021.

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Navio is among the nominees for the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021. PHOTO via @TheObserver/14 April 2021

The MTN UG Hip Hop Awards nominees for 2021 have been announced ahead of the ceremony on 16 May. Please take a look at the full list below.

  • MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021 nominees include rapper Navio, MC Yalla and Fik Fameika.
  • MTN Uganda and The Tribe UG, an online platform for hip hop, are behind the awards.
  • They seek to recognize the best hip hop releases and artists in Uganda.
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MTN Uganda Hip Hop Awards, an annual event that brings recognition and appreciation for the development of the hip hop genre in the country, is back with its 5th edition scheduled for the 16th of May 2021, and here are the nominees.

Awarded by telecommunications and mobile money transfer services provider MTN Uganda and The Tribe UG, an online hip hop and marketing platform, these awards recognize the best hip hop releases and artists in Uganda, with one category devoted to East African rappers.

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MTN Youth Segment Manager Hellen Kirungi noted that Hip Hop remains a popular genre of music in Uganda among the young, thus influencing MTN’s support for its continued growth.

”Hip-hop is a genre of music that continues to captivate young people, with many Africans using it to express themselves and learn life, making them happy and able to achieve big success,” said Kirungi.

This is the fifth year MTN Uganda has supported the Hip Hop industry to organize these awards. In 2020, the company sponsored the first televised rap battles which saw numerous rappers fighting it out on the streets, freestyles and in the forest, among others.

As noted by Kirungi, the 2021 awards will feature the Pulse Nation Cypher competition which will allow unknown talent to be exposed online through rap battles.

Afsa Umutesi, the organizer of the UG Hip Hop Awards, stated that with MTN’s support the Hip Hop industry has continued to record steadily progress with Hip Hop artists getting favourable airplay on local radio and television stations.

You can now vote exclusively on the MTN Pulse for the hip hop stars.

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The MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021 nominees are listed below.

Male Artist of the Year

  • Jim Nola MC
  • Judas Rap Knowledge da Akbar
  • St. Maxi Mayne
  • Navio
  • Fik Fameika

Female Artist of the Year

  • Recho Ray
  • Felista Di Superstar
  • Stone Age
  • MC Yalla

East Africa Artist of the Year

  • Khaligraph Jones (Kenya)
  • Joh Makini (Tanzania)
  • Nyashinski (Kenya)
  • Femi One (Kenya)
  • King Kaka (Kenya)

Northern Uganda Artist of the Year

  • Toobi Smallz
  • Judas Rap Knowledge da Akbar
  • Issachar
  • Stayput
  • Sinnoh The GOAT
  • T’worthy Wyler

Western Uganda Artist of the Year

  • Truth 256
  • Lithan MC
  • Crazies Wispa
  • Uzi Malcon Muzik

Eastern Uganda Artist of the Year

  • Sparo UG
  • Leumas Owabajaja
  • AJ Stylz
  • BMG Music

Central Uganda Artist of the Year

  • Feffe Busi
  • Gravity
  • Felista Di Superstar
  • Da Agent

Rookie of the Year

  • Ghetto Upgrade
  • Stone Age
  • Dallas Plein
  • King Missy
  • Stayput
  • The Homie

Inspirational Song of the Year

  • ‘Mbikwasagwe’ – Flex D’Paper ft. Shena Skies
  • ‘Mu Yesu Mulimu Work’ – Vann Mesh
  • ‘Dream On’ – Stone Age
  • ‘Abikolako’ – Chillz Kabejja
  • ‘Never Alone’ – Barna ft. Jamie
  • ‘Taata’ – St. Maxie Mayne
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Collaboration of the Year

  • ‘Beera Powa’ – Elijah Kitaka ft. Sylvester and Abrams
  • ‘Vvamuno’ – Mr Lean UG ft. Byg Ben Sukuya
  • ‘Abaana Beeka’ – Navio ft. Joh Makini and Flex D’Paper
  • ‘July Cypher’ – 207 on the Beat ft. King Eddy, Mykes, Don, J.J Scorpion, Invizibo and Simo Omutafuta

Lyricist of the Year

  • ‘Uganda Cypher’ – The Myth
  • ‘African Warrior’ – Judas Rap Knowledge da Akbar
  • ‘Kukunku 3’ – St. Maxie Mayne
  • ‘Dear Hip Hop’ – GNL Zamba

Hip Hop DJ of the Year

  • Drop Out
  • Slaughter Elly
  • DJ Cassie
  • Sal the DJ
  • DJ Cisse
  • Deejay Crim

Hip Hop Media Personality of the Year

  • Big Kahuna
  • Julio and Timothy Code
  • The Mith and DJ Crim
  • Still Breezy
  • Jokwiz Klean Kwizera
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