Riky Rick, the Late Rapper From South Africa, Left a Suicide Note

During his heartbreaking suicide note, South African hip hop megastar Riky Rick pleaded to his wife and children to forgive him for taking his own life this week.

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The day after her husband’s death, Bianca was ‘crying uncontrollably’, according to a family member. PHOTO via @Instagram

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA (https://lifestyleuganda.com/) —  The South African rapper Riky Rick left a suicide note asking his wife and children to forgive him for his decision to take his life this week before shockingly taking it himself.

  • Bianca was ‘crying uncontrollably’ a few days ago after her husband died – a relative said.
  • Ricky went on to explain to his wife and children his causes for taking his life.
  • Below you will find Riky Ricky’s suicide note in its entirety.
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A few days ago, Bianca was unable to cope with the loss of her husband and was ‘crying uncontrollably’- a family member had said.

Rapper Riky Rick, whose real name was Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, mentioned in a suicide note that he wished his family not to blame themselves for the “unbearable life he led.”.

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On Wednesday morning, Ricky Ricky, who reportedly suffered from severe depression, took his own life by hanging himself in his studio, just a few meters from his house in Waterfall Estate, north of Johannesburg.

When his friends found him hanging from his house, they reportedly found a suicide letter beside him.

After news of his suicide began to circulate on social media, certain users speculated he committed suicide because his marriage to Bianca was about to collapse.

However, the suicide notes Riky Ricky wrote in his last moments portray a man who was madly in love with his wife, Bianca Naidoo and loved his children so much that he believed the world would be a better place for them without him.

In two notes leaked to local media outlets by an insider within the artist’s circle, one addressed to Naidoo and the other to his children Maik and Jordan, the ‘Boss Zonke’ singer said that he committed suicide because of the severe pain he endured and the voices he heard within.

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Below is Ricky’s reported suicide note

The suicide letter was reported to have been found next to him when his friends discovered him hanging.

“Dear Bianca

This pain is too much. I don’t want you to blame yourself for my life being unbearable. You gave me more love than I deserved. Live your life. Do not hide the light you have me every day…,” he wrote in a long poetic letter.

To his wife and children, Riky Ricky explained the following reasons for taking his life:

“I’m sorry for being the one who gives up but the pain I feel is too much to deal with. The voices in my head have never gone away. I wish I was stronger but I’m not. Please forgive me. I love you so much. Be Happy Smile, Everything is okay now.”

Ricky made sure he addressed his letter to all two of his children and began by addressing his son Maik Daniel Makhado.

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“The other night Maik said he wants to be just like me. Not better in the sense of useless achievement, but better as in choosing the right path for his heart. Follow your passions, my son. Your world is bigger than anything you could ever imagine. love you !!,” he concluded.

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