Sheila Gashumba Is the Sausage King Uganda Brand Ambassador

Sausage King Uganda, a sausage maker and meat processing company, has announced Sheila Gashumba as its new brand ambassador. 

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Sheila Gashumba (born 7 February 1996) has been appointed Sausage King Uganda Brand Ambassador. PHOTO via @TWITTER

Sheila Gashumba, the award-winning media personality after signing a multi-million brand ambassador deal with Sausage King Uganda, is no doubt one of the happiest women now.


  • Sausage King, a new sausage company in Uganda, has started its distribution service in Kampala.
  • It’s not yet confirmed how much Sheila Gashumba will bank from this Sausage King deal.
  • Sausage King was established in 2019 with the aim of selling fresh and processed beef product.

The good news comes at a time when Sausage King, a new sausage company in Uganda, has started its distribution service in Kampala.

Julian Schulz, Sausage King’s MD, Bryan Morel, a long-time assistant and her father, Frank Gashumba, witnessed the signing.

However, the Lifestyle Uganda News Desk has not yet confirmed how much Sheila Gashumba will bank from this Sausage King deal.

But for Sheila, and with great enthusiasm, this is a life-changing contract for her, and she is ready to help promote the brand not only in Uganda but also in the region.

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Sheila tweeted; ”Super happy to announce that I’m officially the brand ambassador of Sausage King in Uganda. Sausage is a prestigious Sausage and meat processing company that also deals with meat cold cuts ( beef, mincemeat, pork etc)! It’s such a great time to be alive!! Thank you, God!”

“The special thing I love about this contract is that Sausage King and Sheilah Gashumba have come up with the Sheilah Gashumba beef sausages, a product we specially designed and more products will follow up soon,”.

“On top of that, I’ll be premiering the Sausage King cooking show where I show different people the different recipes to make the most amazing sausages because so many people love to cook but don’t know how to. Am so grateful for this venture because those who know me know that I love to cook,” she added.

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Sheila with Managing Director Julian Schulz (Right).

Speaking about the new approved deal, Sausage King Managing Director Julian Schulz said.

“We are very happy to partner with Sheilah Gashumba because of her great personal reach and fame in Uganda. We wanted to honour her by creating a special product for her which we will launch starting next week”.

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“We chose Sheilah because we recognise her amazing personality and presence around Uganda. She’s very known for the quality products that she represents. We hope to work with her for a very long period,” he added.

About the Sausage King

Sausage King was established in 2019 with the central objective of selling fresh and processed beef products to all income groups in Uganda.

They aim to provide the best processed and unprocessed meat products throughout Uganda and East Africa. Pork has also become an important by-product. They collaborate with pork farmers across the country to establish a supply chain from small farmers to end customers.

Central to Sausage King’s philosophy is to maintain the highest quality of meat products in the country. They use 100% Ugandan meat because it is a product to be proud of and is one of the highest quality meats in the world.

Furthermore, Sausage King is UNBS certified and we are making a great effort to educate local consumers about the value of sausage compared to regular meals. Well-prepared sausage not only contains a variety of vitamins and proteins that are essential for a healthy diet but is also easy to cook.

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They serve local markets, international hotels and supermarkets. Also, export to South Sudan and Congo, and continue to work on establishing new markets.

In Uganda itself, a significant portion of local production is used by international tourists, who have also been approved by Sausage King by foreign staff. Made in Uganda – tastes like Germany. 

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