Former Archbishop of Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali Suspended for Adultery

Retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali has been suspended from his priestly duties following allegations of having an extramarital affair with a married woman.

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Archbishop Stanley Ntagali was suspended from church duties after cheating on his wife with a married woman. PHOTO via @TWITTER.

Stanley Ntagali, who retired last year served as archbishop of Church of Uganda, is said to have confessed his ‘sin’ and was suspended by Archbishop Samuel Kazimba.

Referring to a letter dated January 13, 2021, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Rev. Fr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu said Archbishop Entagali was accused of having an affair with another man’s wife.

Kazimba said Ntagali has set a bad example for all believers in the Christian community by betraying the church and that it is a marriage vow.

“I would like to inform you that my predecessor, the retired Archbishop Stanley Entagali, was involved in an extramarital affair with a married woman.”

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This adultery is a serious betrayal on many levels. Retired Archbishop Ntagali betrayed his Lord and Savior, his wife and their marriage vows, and the faith of many Ugandan people.

Kazimba said the Church of Uganda has about 13 million members, all of whom have “sinned and diminished the glory of God, but the door to repentance is always open to all believers and non-believers.”

Kazimba added that he had informed Ntagali that he was not allowed to act, preach or represent the church in any way until further notice. He also assured the church that they are committed to transparency and pastoral care for those affected by the situation.

According to the Bible in Romans 3.23, the Church of Uganda has about 13 million members, all of whom have “sinned and diminished the glory of God.” At the same time, the Church must be very accountable to the same standards by which we are all called to uphold its leaders. ”

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“I have informed the retired Archbishop that he is not allowed to act sacredly or to preach or represent the Church of Uganda in any way,” Kazimba added.

However, he further urged the church members, therefore, that sinners should always repent and ask for forgiveness because God is always ready to forgive.

“This is not the time for us to gossip. It is time for repentance; A time for prayer; Time to examine our own sin and the faults of humility; It’s time to perfect all our relationships before God, ”the archbishop insisted.

”There is no one above the law of God. We invite all those who have lost this quality to go to the presence of the Lord in prayer and confess your sin, repent of your ways, and be reconciled to you.”

Meanwhile, 65-year-old Bishop Stanley Ntagali, who served as the 8th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, handed over to Kazimba on March 1, 2020, after reaching his retirement age.

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